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Noise from neighbors from building banger cars to race

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Hello all , my neighbours have been building and scrapping cars for 2 years now and enough is enough at least 2 cars a month are done I have asked them very politely to do this work away from home but I was told it's fine the council told us we can have a hobby , banger racing is a Hobby from home ?!! They are council tennants the noise and People who visit and Rev car engines early and late and numoruous drills and cutters are driving me crazy any help .


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    Hi Wazgee,

    Welcome to The Mix discussion boards.

    Thanks for your post. Just to let you know that The Mix is an organisations that's aimed at under 25 year old's. You're welcome to post here however we might not be able to provide as much support, just so you know. Sounds like things with your neighbours have been difficult for you, it's a really positive thing that you're looking for some help with the situation. Have you been able to been able to speak to anyone else about what has been happening?

    We have an article on here called How can I stop my neighbours being so noisy which might be useful to read.

    Hope this helps.
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