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Well, seen as I'm posting in an 'introduce yourself' tag, I guess I best do that!

Hey :wave:
I'm Hannah, a psychology student, currently living and attending univeristy in London. Don't think just because I'm a psych student that you can't talk to me, in fact, I hope the opposite is true. Having had my own minor MH difficulties myself, I want you to know that it does get better and you are capable than much more than what you think.
I'm just hear to listen, not to judge you :) I will be commenting/helping in forum posts but ofcourse you can talk to me privately, just drop me a message. Hope you're all having a lovely day and enjoying the beaaaaautiful weather, well, if you're in London at least :blush:


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    Welcome to themix boards :wave:
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    HI Hannah,

    Welcome to TheMix Forums :)
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    Hey Hannah, and welcome to the boards. :wave: Love your intro (also enjoying the wonderful weather!).
    "We held on to hope that better times were coming, and when we did, we were right."

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    Welcome to the boards :)
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