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Managing your time effectively

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Does anyone here do a lot of sports or other clubs, on top of volunteering and a full time job? If so, do you manage it well? How do you manage it? What's your limit on the number of things you can do?


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    Old thread but just in case anyone else has the same issue, I find that planning out your schedule in a spreadsheet can help or at least making a rough time sheet.

    For example, lay out what times you have certain activities and estimate the transition times to see if something is feasible. When I was playing sports I'd take into account that I probably would need some time to relax and eat afterward before engaging in another activity so would determine if I had enough time to do something exhaustive afterward and so on. Same with volunteering although the advantage of volunteering is that often the schedule can be flexible as since you're not paid, usually they are pretty flexible unless it's for an important event or if you have a specific role where you need to be there at a certain time.
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