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What would you like to say to your bullies?

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The title says it all really - if you had the chance, what would y'all say?

At this moment in time, if I could speak to mine I think I'd say something like "I hate you but actually, thank you for putting me through that hell because that's one of those negative experiences that helped me to become the person I am today and figure out my passions in life".

I feel like I'd gain the control of myself that always got taken away from me.

Don't hold back if you don't want to. From experience, it really does help to get absolutely everything out of your system like this :)


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    It’s great when you can take something negative and turn it into a positive, and that speaking up can help you to recuperate :yes:

    Have you seen this anti-bullying week video from BuzzFeed asking a similar question?

    It’s quite powerful and as you say butterfly, it can really be worth getting it out of your system.

    Perhaps some of you might have something in mind, or even experienced confronting a bully :chin:
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    I wrote this for an Anti-bullying charity...But thought I'd share it here too.

    Dear Bully,

    Please listen to what I have to say, I listened to your harsh words and comments for the whole of my childhood, the least of you can do is listen to me now. I don’t know if you’ll even remember me anymore, I was the child you taunted and teased because my mum was unwell and I was caring for her, I was the child you punched in the face because my father was dying and I was sometimes allowed to leave school early to go and give him his medication, I was the child you thought it was acceptable to push over in the corridor because you thought you we’re more important than me, I was the child who you threatened to kill numerous times on social media because you got a kick out of seeing me scared. I was the child who you stole from and tore up my belongings because apparently I didn’t deserve them.

    I still logged on every day to see the threats, although I knew every time I logged there would be something horrible written about me, an untrue and harsh rumour stating I’d said or done something I actually hadn’t. Why didn’t I log off? I couldn’t, I had to log on just to see what was actually being said about me, I needed to see what untrue stuff you were putting out there for the whole world to see, I was that anxious sometimes I sat just refreshing every minute. We tell children now to ‘log off’ but it’s not that easy. It’s never that easy.

    For years I struggled to understand why I was bullied, I tried to change myself so much to fit in with everyone else, I begged for the latest accessories that we couldn’t afford, I had my hair done and wore tons of makeup. I changed who I was physically but emotionally too, I answered back to teachers and found myself rebelling at school, I was kicked out of lessons more than I was in them, my self-esteem was so low, I hated who I’d become, it didn’t change anything though. You still bullied me.

    You didn’t win, if there’s one thing you take away from this letter it’s the fact that you haven’t won and everyday I’m going to carry on fighting to make sure you never win. There we’re many moments when I was so close to giving up, So close to the edge, so close to crumbling and giving up forever, but you still didn’t win.

    There are many reasons why a bully will bully somebody and for that reason, I want you to know. I forgive you.

    Your victim.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru

    I came through it but I am still hurt. .

    I think this is really key - you came through the tough times, and are such brilliant strong people because of it. :yes:

    It takes time to move on from such an emotionally upsetting experience - and to be open about this, is a way of accepting that it will take time to get past it.

    This is a truly amazing thread idea - and I just want to give you big hugs *hug*

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    Say nothing. Spark em out instead. :)
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