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    I don't believe in borders and don't care if Steve or Sergei pours my latte. But if you're poor and unemployed and bitter you very quickly will.

    And that is precisely what the right wing parties pay on, isn't it?
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    Local Afghan man gave me the best haircut I ever had, cost me two dollars.

    Also, whilst some people I know on here are anti war etc, I saw this a while back and was meaning to post it but forgot.
    For hundreds of years Muslim soldiers, sailors and more recently airmen have valiantly served, fought and died as part of the British Armed Forces. Hundreds of thousands volunteered to fight in both World Wars and today hundreds continue to serve in the British Armed Forces. These brave men and women are ordinary serving personnel and are found on every garrison and in every unit, in the Army, the Navy and Air Force, Regular and Reserve, commissioned officers and across the rank range from private soldier to 2* Rear Admiral.

    I'd say those guys and girls are generally as British as they come.
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