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Happy new year! (and hello)

Thought I'd drop a quick line in here seeing as I'm new in these parts. My name's Sean; I'm the Engagement and Support officer at YouthNet (have been since October). I live in Walthamstow in East London and was born in Northern Ireland. I'll be doing some moddin' round 'ere (specifically the politics board) for the foreseeable future. I enjoy politics (obviously..) and can often be found lurking around Westminster (either with a placard or in a suit). I love travelling, so when I'm not at YouthNet, in Westminster or deepest darkest Awesomestow, I'm usually on a train to somewhere exotic. Like Manchester.

One of the biggest parts of my role at YouthNet is managing a lot of the work we do with our Leader's network - of which some of you are members (so hello again!).
The network is a Ning social network website which we're using to build a community of virtual volunteers to help us make TheSite.org a little better. It's an ongoing project, and because this is YOUR site, if you're interested in getting involved drop me a PM :).

Anyhoo - do say hello, and have a lovely new year!



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