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Botched lethal injection



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    Hangings not normally used as it has conotations of lynching and shooting a) often is not that quick b) is extremely messy and c) is regarded as an 'honourable' execution (in various executions of spies and sabeteurs there's often been as much fuss made off not shooting them by firing squad as they're was off the execution and the Nazi war criminals were deliberately hung so as not to give them a soldier's send off by firing squad)
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    I was watching Machines of Malice and they were talking about how hangings can go wrong very easily. You have to take into consideration their height, weight, the length of the rope in relation to all that and all this other jazz... sometimes everybody in the firing squad misses... lethal injection goes wrong often as well, only they don't live. They just suffer unspeakable pain. Although the first injection is an anesthesia, it lasts ony a short while while the second injection essentially paralizes you but not your nerves or brain so if the first has worn off by the time the final injection is given it causes excrusiating pain.

    They showed one back in the day, for some reason it sticks in my head. You'd think it would have been the most painful but they showed you died almost instantly. Strap you backwards to a giant wooden sphere and roll you down a rocky hill.

    http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/home is very interesting. I believe there is still a state or two where you can still choose hanging or firing squad if convicted before a certian date.

    Another really interesting one... Washington State V Rupe, along with something about polygraph test evidence but also he was sentenced to deah and at the time it was by hanging. He was a big ol man and said his 8th amendment rights would be violated as with his body weight, hanging would decapitate him and that would be cruel and unusual. He was granted a resentencing and escaped the death penalty.

    Oh it is such a facinating topic. I'm rambling. I don't have a damn thing to debate.
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