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hi im new to the forum, were to begin, im 17 and im into manga (well naruto, dragonball (z,gt) HunterxHunter akira and the old series of pokemon, i think after Pokémon: Johto League saga finished Pokemon went serverly down hill.) im also into comedy i love Jimmy Carr, Tim Minchin, south park and family guy. i like music, but as my voice isnt very good and i dont play an instrument i feel i really cant say anymore on the matter, the music i like varies i can be listening to NWA oneday and Cradle of Filth the next. i love movies, i can watch anything and often do, my favourite movie type person is Tim Burton. i have problems but im not gonna say what, ill just comment on threads and you can take me on how i write, i also believe if i do go out and blurt my problems i may seem to encourage people to take the same routes i do and id hate to influence someone to do what i do, give it a week or so and search my username or summet and read what i post from there.

oh my real name is tom , 789 is just a thing for me to remember my alltime best friend with.


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