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Do you belong to one? (If so, which one)?

And have you ever made use of being in one?

I work in retail. At the moment I'm off sick but from what I've heard from the other staff it sounds like things are really bad there because of decitions that head-office have been making recently. I'm really not looking forward to going back. :yeees:
The jist of it is, we're so short staffed that the first floor of the shop has had to be closed off several times because there's not enough staff to run it as well as downstairs; the management team have had to act as sales advisors some of the time; they're not allowed to cover sick leave, maternity, holidays etc etc and not allowed to employ any more people. When I started working there 2 years ago there were just over 40 members of staff. There's now half of that, with the same amount of work to be done.
My job is running the shoe department (which is upstairs, along with two other departments). Previously my manager's line on things was that there should always be two people up there at all times... But aparently when it has been open to the public there's only been one member of staff manning the whole floor by themselves and I'm really not looking forward to going back and having to do all the work by myself.

As I see it things can't go on the way they are... either head-office are going to have to admit they're not doing as well as they're trying to make out, and possibly start store closures or everyone's going to leave anyway because we're being treated like crap.

Would it be worth me joining a union?


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    Personally I cant stand unions. So no I haven't joined a union nor do I intend to.

    I am from the McDonald's school of thought regarding unionisation. Not for me.
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    I am a member of a union. I'm in the NASUWT, which is a teaching union. I reckon you have to be a fool not to be in a union if you work with people, particularly potentially vulnerable people.

    I have needed to use my union in the past.
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    I'm a member of what's probably the most unpopular union in Iceland. :D

    Apart from nice side benefits like the use of a cabin in the countryside I've turned to the union regarding my working hours after I found out I had unintentionally agreed to do about two hours of volunteering at work per month this winter since I was too naïve to realise I didn't get paid for it. :mad:

    I'm a member of a very active union, they're quick to jump up if there's some sign of trouble and they've not been afraid to fight.

    In my experience, a union isn't just a union. Some are very weak, others are in a very strong position. Mine benefits from few members (under 200) and that we're a job where we can cripple a lot if we stop doing it. Things are very tough on the job market where I am now and some of the unions have no leverage and just have to accept what they're given and have very limited capability to protect their members.

    I find it reassuring that there's some body I can turn to if there are questions about my rights or if something comes up. If something happens to me personally at work and I've done everything right then it's a blessing to know that the union will back me. I don't trust my employer enough to not try to turn me into a scapegoat.
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    I'm a member of the RCN even as a student I'm a member of a union as you never know what will happen.
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