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I have got my condoms....

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...and I'm not happy at all. Are you wondering what the hell I'm on about? A few weeks back, there was a survey up here which, if you completed, you could get some condoms sent to you. Mine arrived in the post yesterday. There was nothing wrong with them as such, although I do wonder how exactly I'm supposed to get laid three times before the end of March 2009.

Regardless, living with your parents does have its downsides sometimes. For some reason, my mum had put the envelope in question in my dad's pile of post for the day. My dad noticed a letter with the Youthnet logo on the envelope. So what does he decide to do, despite knowing it's not his post? He bloody well opens it. Let's just say he was curious as to why I was being sent condoms. Since I explained why, he's spent most of the day ripping into me mercilessly. The cheeky sod...


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