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'another' hair query

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googling information on home hair kits these forums kept cropping up and they prove the most useful.
overall in the past six months i've dyed my hair around five times now, twice dark brown, once dark red, tonight "watermelon red".
the best dyes as stated in my opinion are the garnier nutrisse range, even though the smell is on the verge of unbearable for my eyes...
however, because i dyed my hair dark brown twice before the reds (with a semi, by nice'n'easy clairol) the dye from garnier has only taken to the roots and left a hint on the brown.
today i went out to buy the red and also a pre-lightener, only for the woman in the store to tell me my "hair's lovely, don't buy a pre-lightener it will go white and like straw" repeatedly, and pretty much wouldn't let me buy the lightener. since coming home people have said they've used the products and as long as you go mad with conditioner afterwards you're fine, which i do anyway.
so my hair's like brown with red roots, blends in okay but it's not as bright as i wanted. so if i want it to be proper red do i pre-lighten then dry and apply the red again? or will it go an orange colour because of the bright pre-lightening?
just for references my hair is this colour but i'd like it this colour...

thanks x


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    You're like, totally on my MySpace friends list.

    Completely irrelevant I know.
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    okay so today i bought "l'oreal super blonde creme", the bottle is so big and it just feels like i'm poisoning my hair. hopefully it'll get rid of alllllllll the dye previously cos it's meant to just kill all the colour there, and i bought some l'oreal "light copper mahogany" to dye it with after. watch this space geri haliwell...
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