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Overweight, look fine in clothes, but not without.

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Hello, I know I've been making quite a few posts lately, I.E Weight gain, Constipation.

A while ago I lost 20 pounds, the scale said and I felt alot better about my self, while ignoring the fact I was still overweight, I haven't really gained it back.. but I'm still pretty young, and grew 6 inches during that, heres my problem:

For the past month or so, I've been on and off the scale, I keep getting constipated, bloaded and don't do anything and gain 4 pounds or so, and freak out about it and gain more weight. Then I get motivated lose that, constipated, and the same thing keeps happening.

I wan't to lose my weight for good, I've been overweight all my life, ever since the age of 3, alot of the part is curiosity is of how it feels to be skinny :P

I know I just made a thread about not being able to go for 2 weeks, thats usually happens when I get constipated after finally going. But I don't know what to do, no matter what I do I can't get it out.

I'm trying some of the advice I got from the other threads, I heard lettuce(not from this board) helps, and im eating the dried apricots and the beans someone else recommended, I hope it all goes well.

Anyone know of "pushing the limit" so I can get this weight off for good, sometimes I motivate my self by looking in the mirror and taking a picture when I was 20 pounds heavier, it's like night and day, but its not enough because I feel so uncomfortable in my body. I mean no matter what I do I'm always thinking about the weight, and I try to get it off of my mind when I'm trying to do something fun.

I think I'm a little bit of a mess :nervous:


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    Sounds like you could have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was diagnosed with it in my early teens and it was a contributing factor to me piling on the pounds.

    You may want to see your GP about your symptoms, he/she may recommend something like Colpermin (mint capsules) to help ease your constipation and bloating. It worked for me...

    Make sure you eat lots of fibre; potato skins are full of fibre. Eat loads of greens, they'll make your bowel movements more comfortable/normal.

    Also eat as little processed foods as possible; white bread is one of the worst foods for someone with dodgy bowels.
    Generally, eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of emphasis on fresh non processed fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and chicken.
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    The only way to lose the body fat to gain a 'leaner' looking appearance is by healthy eating, and an exercise programme mixing cardio and resistance i.e. weights.

    I think if you're going to embark on something to change your habits for life, you should really seek professional advice first, and I don't think you should try anything until you've been seen regarding the constipation. There's absolutely no point in even thinking about pushing limits until you know why the constipation is happening, or what you can do to resolve it. Please go and see your doctor.
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    Make sure you eat regularly, so breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack, make sure you encorporate plenty of veg, fruit and nuts etc into you day. I try to drink fruit juice as I don't eat many fruits, but I love veggies so always plonk a load of these into my meals. You can eat sunflower seeds, nuts, raisens etc for snacks. Try to avoid too much bread as this can clog you up as so to speak!

    Make sure you have a good filling breakfast, porridge with honey and some fruit is a really good way to start the day and by eating at regular times I am sure this will help your digestive system.

    If you find you are regularly getting constipated for any length of time you should make it your priority to speak to a doctor as you should be going at least once a day!
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    how it feels to be skinny :P

    I think very few people feel skinny. the vast majority of girls are insecure in the way they look, despite being slim and nice looking.

    (anyways, the word "skinny" to me brings to mind skeletal unattractive images, which is why I say slim... dunno why that is!)
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