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Group Interview

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Well, after the not very successful interviews I had one week in January I've heard nothing from anyone for ages... and then this week I've been invited to two more interviews :yippe: (seeing a pattern emerging here :chin: )

Anyways... One I've got on saturday I'm not fussed about cos I think it'll be straight-forward.

But I'm having one on Thursday... and it's a group interview and I have no idea how they work and what to expect etc.
Anyone who's been to one, can you give me some advice and tips, or just general info on how they work please?

Cheers. :)


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    depends who the interview is with really :D
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    Group interviews in my experience will include some kind of team building excersise to see who fits what role within a team (leader, follower, loner etc) I think they are also to see how you interact with other people and if you're easy to get along with.
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    Calvin wrote: »
    depends who the interview is with really :D

    :yes: I agree that's true to an extent. I've been to a few group interviews and for most it just seemed like they had us all their the same day to get a bunch of tests done in one fell swoop. It was mainly a series of written tests on different areas of the job. For others it might be more about seeing how you relate to others as icey mentions.

    Here's our section on group interviews from this article:
    Group interviews
    The first thing to understand is why they are inviting you to a group interview. A common reason is to get a sense of how you interact in a group situation. You probably won't be working alone in the job you are applying for, so they want to see how you relate to other people.

    "The key thing to remember is to be assertive without being dominating - you don't have to lead all the discussions," Saiyada advises. "Be inclusive, so make sure everyone within your group gets the opportunity to shine and that will demonstrate that you can relate to people well."

    Sometimes it's worth taking on a specific role - for example, be the timekeeper and give the group five-minute warnings, or chair the group discussion ensuring everyone gets the chance to talk. By allocating yourself with a specific task you're demonstrating the sort of roles you're able to take on in a work environment.
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    I once had a stupid group interview with Asda, the whole group of about 12 people had to answer question like "if you were an animal, what would you be?" and we had to make posters. It was awful, I really hated it. But I expect group interviews would usually involve some element of team work, so they can see what type of person you are and how you interact in a group, perhaps presenting, probably role plays and things. But I really can't be sure about that, i'm just being speculative! Anyways, good luck!
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    Hmm... that would make sence icey, thanks.

    But what about the actual questions bit? Do you have to take it in turns, and if someone says what you were about to say tough shit? Or do they do that bit seperatly or what... Surely the don't miss that out completly? :confused:
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    Thanks Helen, that's helpful.

    And thanks Pink_Angel for the good luck wishes... I really hope I get one of these jobs cos then I can cancel my appointment at the jobcenter on Monday :lol:
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    Went OK. Gut feeling is I haven't got it. But really baffled cos during the interview we (me and the other applicants) found out that 90 people had applied and that they were holding two sets of interviews... ours being one of them. There was suposed to be 6 of us... but two didn't show and one signed in but mysteriously disappeared :chin:
    So basically... somehow I've managed to get to the last 12 (actually 9 given the no-shows) and I have absolutly no idea how!!!

    Well it was like you said Helen. Writen questions mostly.

    Was really cruel actually cos I got to know the other two quite well and they seemed really nice. The guy reminded me a lot of a mate of mine.

    Well if I was successful today I'll be called for another interview (Does it nneeever end!)

    Anyways. I have now successfully got myself a bit pissed, so shall forget all about it for now... Until Saturday when I have another interview for a different place.
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