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Latest Primark bargains!



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    Lucifer - I have bought stuff from Topshop before and I agree with Lipsy, the quality is the same as that of Primark.

    I agree. That was the point that I was trying to make before when I suggested that it isn't just a case of working an extra half an hour to get better quality clothes. Most fashion high street stores have the same quality stock - there are exceptions. To really get good quality stuff, then you really do have to pay for it.
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    lipsy wrote: »
    better quality blahblah blah. my tpshop clothes are no better than my primark clothes. last just as long and look just as nice.
    As long as you pick the right things in primark then you really wouldn't tell the difference. Topshop items vary in quality anyway as im sure primark clothes do, but its bollocks to say you wont shop in primark because you prefer the quality of topshop because most of the time it is no better. Although I've never bought an outfit in primark for smart wear as I've never really seen anything suitable, would much rather spend more money on getting something with a bit more edge.
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    lol i've just come back from primark and it's great for casual wear, got about £40 worth of gear which in a normal high street shop would probably cost £150+.....

    i doubt their ethical standards are any better or worse than other high street shops, they just mark it up less and make their money on volume. although i do agree it's not a nice shopping environment and i'd hate to work there, i was in and out in about 10 minutes, job done.
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    VinylVicky wrote: »
    Yeah someone has to but your every day Joe doesn't know about this - I didn't to be honest it wouldn't even cross my mind.

    But hopefully now it will.

    Some shops do have better standards than others and not all of them are super expensive. Plus it pays in more ways than one to pay a little more and get better made clothes, they not only last longer thus saving you (and by giving them away when your done someone else) money in the long term, they also are generally better cut and thus look better on as well.

    For who ever said it $7 even taking into account exchange rates isn't enough to live on in Bangladesh - its a country which is so poor that the poverty line is measured not in terms of money or a living wage but in terms of how many calories people eat each day. Around 50% of the children in the country don't get enough to eat and go to bed hungry most nights. Plus people who work in clothing factories cant' even afford to buy a new sari to wear once a year.

    The thing that strikes me most often when i have visited even reasonably well off people in developing countries is the lack of clothes they have compared to us in the west, whilst I am as guilty as the next person of owning lots of clothes its not in any way unusual to see someones wardrobe only containing maybe 3 or 4 outfits at most. Many of the poorest people i've visited don't have a change of clothes - for them (including many of the people who work in garment factories) they are struggling to just earn enough to feed them selves let alone worrying weather they are following the latest trends or not. Its people like you and me who do have the luxary of choice and spending power in order to be able to made a difference to their lives - through demanding (with our voice or a feet) that the peopel we buy our clothes from employ people to make them in conditions in which we ourselves would be willing to work.
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    I get clothes from Primark, and I hate having to do it, but I don't have the money to go and buy a £60 pair of jeans. I don't always think cost = quality, especially as my Tesco jeans last longer than the Levis and Wranglers I used to get. And they're not very ethical brands either.

    I'm in the minority in that I know how shit Primark are, and how shit the supermarkets are, but I don't have the finances to buy what my ethics want me to buy. Hopefully that will change as I get rid of student debt, and I've certainly been investing in clothes from better brands recently.

    I think Primark are just another symptom of the must-have throwaway society that we live in now. Some people shop there because they can't shop anywhere else- Primark is better for low-income families than the charity bin and the darning thread- but most shop there for items that they will wear once or twice and then bin. That's awful. Sod everyone else, I must have new clothes every week.

    I don't think that Primark are any worse than many brands, witness Nike, but that doesn't mean that we should be encouraging them. The current attitude seems to be "its cheap, so I don't care", and that attitude is going to come round and bite a lot of people on the arse sooner than they think.
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    I really dont shop in primark. I have had a couple of things and most of it lasts a couple of washes at most. I hardly go clothes shopping anyway, every two/three months normally, and only when I need to replace something or need something for a special occasion. I'm not keen on the "its cheap I dont care" attitude either.
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    I bought a few good things from Primark today.

    Nice stuff too for my holiday. Its good for random strappy tops and stuff :)

    Oh, and I got a cool beach bag and beach towel :D
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