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Sore after sex. HELP!

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Me and my boyriend have been having sex for a few weeks now and every time we do it i'm sore afterwards. Like, when i sit down, its really uncomfy and tender. Id this normal? Its not sore during it, just after.HELP!


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    Sounds like you have probably got thrush or a sexually transmitted disease. Get yourself checked out quick, better safe than sorry.
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    There could be many reasons for this - if it's immediately afterwards then I guess he's a little too big for you, or you maybe having an allergic reaction to the condoms (assuming you're having safe sex!).
    If it is happening hours afterwards it may be thrush, but this is normally painful rather than uncomfortable (and lasts a few days) - it's quite normally, always there and can be aggrevate by stress, the weather or sadly sex. Get to a doctor if it is and they will give you some cream to help relieve the pain.
    Other than that it could be a kidney infection but that's more likely to give you stomach pains - it just needs to be flushed out so drink lots of water and cranberry juice!

    Love from the ChunkyMonkey

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    No, we're not using condoms, i know its daft but he hates wearing them and i'm on the pill and he's the 1st lassie i've been with. They're a buger 2 buy NEway. It would cost us a fortune the amount of times we do it! He is big, but not MASSIVE so i dont think its that. Its mostly just after it for a few hours. Its sorest when i go 2 the toilet and "wipe" myself dry afterwards, and its sore then. Its dead sensitive. Its not so sore when he doesnt cum in me, but when he does it always dribbles down me straight after, so do u think it could be something 2 do wi the cum on me? Ta 4 UR help.
    Luv Cheeky*
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    I don't think the cum should make a difference - but you shouldn't rely on us telling you - if anything hurts, get it checked out. If you don't want to go to your GP, you can go to a Brook or a sex infection clinic in a hospital (you don't have to give your real name, or anything, and they wont tell anyone about the visit).
    BTW, if you go to Brook, your GP or any family planning centre they'll give you all the condoms you like FREE! Ring Brook for your nearest centre 0800 0185 023. Look after yourself...Juliet
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    Alright pals!
    Well, thanx 4 all ur advice, it wiz good of ye, but i dont think(and i bloody hope) its not an infection. 2day we did it 4 times in his room and it doesnt feel at all sore or uncomfy or anything now! He's the first guy i've slept wi(Well, there was another but i dont think it counts cause he was TINY, he didnt break in2 me and didnt even have it in him 2 cum! So that doesnt count at all!) NEway, cause its my first time i thought i was just gettin used 2 it, thats how it was kinda uncomfy at start but now the uncomfiness has gone as we've done it more. But, 2day he didnt cum in me(well, just 1 out of 4) i made him pull it out cause i hate it dribbling cause i've got 2 run 2 the toilet! So thats another reason it might not be so sore now. Wot do u's think?

    Another thing i'm kinda worried about is pregnancy. U C we dont use condoms and i'm on the pill, but i'm on 2 the 3rd/4th of my inactive pills and ur period is meant 2 come on ur 2nd/3rd day of takin the inactive pill. I've been taking them regularly, but he's cum in me quite a lot now, so i'm kinda worried. I know sometimes u can skip periods wen ur on the pill but i think its wierd if i just skip one the very time i start sleeping wi my boyfriend A LOT. Am a really paranoid person though so do u think i've anything 2 worry about? C if u get an abortion do u have 2 get ur parents consent?
    Thanx. Luv y'all
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...! You really should talk all your worries through with someone who knows the facts. Try Brook (0800 0185 023) or Sexwise (0800 28 29 30). If you've been taking your pill right, it should be fine, however much sex you have, but talk it through with someone on one of these numbers, just to make you feel better...and as for abortion, if you're getting it right now, that wont be an issue, will it!! But they'll be able to answer all your questions on those two numbers.
    Cheers, Juliet
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    Ta Juliet!
    No, i'm not thinking of getting an abortion cause i'm not pregnant. I got my period a couple of days ago! YAY! I am happy cause it means i'm not pregnant but its a buger cause i cant shag him
    ! I know u think i should talk 2 someone but i hate doing that, i've phoned b4 and i feel uneasy talking 2 them. I prefer this, i just write exactly wot i say and feel, and get good advice from other people, who have their own problems that i can try and help with, so i dont feel so useless. U wouldnt want me doing something i didnt want now, would u? HE HE HE! What, r u getting sick of hearing about all my problems? Well, here's some good news, yesterday my boyfriend proposed 2 me! I'm only 15 and he's just turning 17, but we dont care, we're not planning on getting married any time soon, thats ages away, but he told me he wants 2 b wi me 4ever and he loves me and i feel exactly the same way. So, we're engaged! He bought me this gorgeous ring, i wish u could c it. I know u think we're probably 2 young, but i hope u and every1 reading this can understand and try and b happy 4 us. We've decided 2 keep it quiet, but i had 2 tell some1, and u guys r as good as NE1, u's deserve 2 know, since u've helped me so much. My best pal knows and she said wen we do get married she wants 2 b the maid of homour. I'm SO happy!
    Cheers. Someone reply
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    Don't worry, I'm not about to judge you, I met my husband when I was 15 & he was 16 and we're doing fine (I'm ANCIENT now, of course). I know it doesn't work out for everyone, but life is yours to live...!

    BUT, I still do think if you have any sex questions that don't get answered here you should call the experts!

    Cheers, Juliet
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