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I'm going to Alanya in July, first holiday with my boyfriend, his first time abroad.

Thing is, I've read a few things about the way the Turks treat girls. I thought i'd be fine with me being with my bf, but today my sister told me that her friend nearly got raped over there, her bf was held up against a wall by a gang of men whilst another one of them tried to attack her.

There's other stuff thats putting us off it as well, the way tourists are treaten in shops for example.

Is it really as bad as all this?

We're seriously considering cancelling, but we only have untill Saturday to do it or we lose our deposit.


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    I think you'll be fine. My sister went there with her husband and had a great time. As long as you generally stick to the suggestions people give you as to what places/time of day to avoid, etc. and be sensible about it you'll be fine. I would think it's one of those places where you have to be alert but can still enjoy.

    How old are you though? Maybe if you look too young it might be a bit more risky, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go at all.

    EDIT: my sister only went to Istambul though, not Alanya which I've just realised is where you're actually going :o . Still, Alanya looks quite touristy - my bet is that you'll be fine. Just keep your eyes open.
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    I think you will be fine as long as you are sensible - look at what I wrote in the family thread. I'm obviously a bit biased because I love turkey its a brilliant place - i've been there 6 times and think its great.

    However you are far more likely to get hassled in tourist resorts than in non touristy places.

    Therefore 1) Dress conservatively - if you go out in a short skirt whith your tits hanging out your virtially hanging a big sign on your body say - oi i'm begging for it come shag me now (remember your in a predominantly muslim country).

    2) Never go into a shop with no intention of buying anything.

    3) If you get any hassles just walk away and ignore the hastler - don't get into a confrontational situation.

    Plus the fact that your going with your boyfriend means that your far less likely to get any hassle - I've never had any problems when i have been with a bloke either a boyfriend or a dad. And the only two really bad situations I've been in when its been a group of girls on thier own and then its becaues we were just too polite to tell the hasslter to go away in the first place - once this was in istanbul and the other was in cappadocia.

    Oh and really dont' think that your going to get all hassled and anything - its no worse than lots of other countries really. I'm sure you will have a really good time its a really lovely place - its stunningly beautiful and the people outside of the main tourist resorts are really lovely - so really go and have a look. If you get the chance (i'm not entirely sure how far away from Alanya it is) go to Pamukkale
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    I travelled around Turkey with my sister, and the only place we got hassled was Istanbul. And I can say that in my experience, dressing conservatively makes no difference. The 'hassle' was not anything bad though like being grabbed, they mostly just wanted to talk to us. I've experienced far worse in other places (ie Tunisia).

    I would think if you're with your boyfriend you would be fine.
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