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First time sex

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An award winning independent television Production Company based in London is currently looking for people to take part in a one-off documentary for Channel 4. It will illustrate the journeys of four or five people who are considering having sex for the first time.

Here are the details:

The documentary will offer an insight into the pressures and issues surrounding people’s desire to lose their virginity.

It will explore a wide range of experiences; it could include someone who is frustrated at not having lost their virginity yet and has decided to do something about it; a person whose friends or family have become involved in their quest to lose their virginity; or someone who is searching for a particular type of person to lose their virginity to.

I am currently looking for people who may be interested in being involved with the film, so if you think this is you or someone you may know I would be really grateful if you could get in touch with Jon on 0207 907 0874 or Jess on 0207 907 0868 or email [email protected]

We are keen to speak to people as soon as possible but we will be open to enquiries until Christmas 2006
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