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Sentimental about things holding me back

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This also belongs in relationships and (mental) health a little too.

I've been feeling a bit unfulfilled for a while and need to do something about it. I don't see a long term future in my job although if I can be smart enough I can fit in things to keep me going in terms of satisfaction day by day. It's a technology job in an unpretty industrial park and I've been there 4 years now. It's insular and I need to work with a variety of people each day and feel more connected with the world so I would like a change.

I have a nice car - nothing flash - just love it, it's reliable in good nick got it cheap best car I've had. Spend more time with it than other people actually.

I've got my own place, it's quite nice.

I'm feeling if I changed my job and location I would have to let these things go. Perhaps I wouldnt need a car.

I'm also involved in volunteering outside of work which I love to bits. I sometimes feel bitter about the effort I give without any pay though. But I would be sad to let it go.

My social life has also stalled so a change must happen. I'm dreading the emptiness and loss of letting things and am wondering how I deal with this.

It might sound pathetic but this is inspiring: the other day I was at playing with my 3 year old nephew and he was ever so protective about one toy - how much could I see myself in him!

What do you think? Have you been in a similar situation? Do you never get sentimental about things?

I'd love to be a person who just values people and experiences.

As Michael Hutchence sung on INXS's debut album "everything is nothing when you're dead"

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