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I hate my job I hate my job I hate my job!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote in the request book that I do and early shift today so that I can go to my sisters birthday party but when I looked at the rota she's given me a late shift. So I asked another girl there to swop her early for my late and she said yes, so we wrote a note about a week and a half ago (when the rota came out) saying that we were going to swop and both signed it. She gets a phone call from the top boss saying that we cant swop, I didnt get a phone call btw. So I turn up this morning at 7 only to see her there. I wasnt inpressed to say the least.

It says in my contract that shift have to be agree between myself and the manager. I didnt agree to that shift. They've also not paid me my 3 weeks sick pay and the last pay day they only gave me £90 and then said I would get my sick pay the next pay day. Didnt get it. So thanks to them I'm in debt of about £300 cos I had to borrow money for food and I havent been able to pay my bills.

Theres no way I'm going in this evening, they are in breach of contract.
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    sounds like it. Have a talk with the top dog, if that fails, get some legal advice!
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    I'd be getting advice from ACAS if I were you, especially over the non-payment of wages.

    I take it you work in a care home? All those places are run by money-grabbing cunts.
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