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Wanted: bad lads

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TV production company Diverse is looking for men aged 18-30 to feature in a new TV series which aims to help them avoid a life of crime - details below:

Are you worried about your bad behaviour, and want to help yourself before it's too late? Have you got a reputation as a troublemaker or had brushes with the police?

Diverse, the award winning TV production company behind Beyond Boundaries (BBC2), Escape to the Legion (C4) and Musicality (C4) amongst others, is looking for men aged 18 - 30 to take part in an exciting new TV series which aims to help them avoid a life of crime.

If you think you are suitable or know someone who could benefit from this special programme then please get in touch immediately. You will spend 2 weeks in a unique rehabilitation programme in America, which aims to show you where your bad behaviour will ultimately lead you. You will get involved within in the community, learn self-discipline and meet other people who have not had a second chance in life.

This once in a lifetime experience will offer you a chance to learn self-reliance and teamwork and get on the right track before it's too late.

For further information please contact Diggory or Richard on 020 7855 7492/020 7855 7476
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