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a very long shot...

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
ok, i doubt that anyone on here will know or not, but i might as well give it a go anyway...

there's this Cradle Of Filth t shirt, and it has a women on it kind of being crucified. and i was just wondering if anyone knew the name of the guy or girl that designed that shirt (lol, yeah see i said it was a long shot...)

i'm doing art research for a coursework project, and i saw some work by Giger (the guy who did the alien film sets) that was really cool and surreal. i was thinking of combining that with the work of frida kahlo, to create something half man, half alien being killed in some mad surreal death scene. and it'd be useful to have information on the origins of that COF top.

i know its a VERY long shot, and unlikely that i'll get anywhere, but...anyone...?


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