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Italian CD's/tapes

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hi all.

Thought this would be the best place for this one. The MD of my office has just give us the chance to learn a new language. I wanted to do Spanish but got told that had to be one of the places we deal with. So myself and a couple of others have gone for Italian (as its similar to Spanish so i'm told).

Once a week a Italian lady is coming into the office after work for 1.5 - 2hrs to teach us. None of us have had any lessons in this before (well i did french at school and was crap). It quite hard relearning the ABC again after all these years :lol:

I was wondering if anyone has used the Tape or CD's that you can listern to in the car, cd player etc... and how good are they. At the moment we're going over our ABC's, 123's and common greetings, introductions etc... I'd like to get a CD that only goes over the basics for the moment.

Any suggestions/recommendations


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    Good for you!

    I used the BBC's Italianissimo when I first started learning Italian, which is a hefty textbook and tapes. I'm sure they've updated since then, but their courses are good - also I always use their little online activities (easily found on their website) when I'm brushing up my Deutsch. They probably do have an Italian section, I haven't looked, but they start at the level of "Hello", "Can I buy a loaf of bread?" etc and work up to being a bit harder.

    Then I found another book in a second-hand bookshop called "Contatti: A First Course in Italian" which was really excellent. If you go into Waterstones or anywhere like that, however, you'll see that they're coming down with CD/book learning packs etc.

    If you're serious about learning then at some point I'd recommend you got Azione Grammatica by Derek Aust and Mike Zollo. It is excellent. :)
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    have you tried yourlocal library, when i wanted to learn greek thats where i got the tapes from and copied them (not that i am suggesting you do that as it would be illegal ;) )
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