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cocaine questions

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hi ..

a little bit ago I got into doing some coke and have tried doing some research but could never really find out some specific things about it... everything always is very vague as in terms of amounts and what not.. and i realize everyone is different ...so for most of time i sit around playin poker online all day and can make a decent amount of money doing it... therefore when it comes to buying the coke the expense part isnt as much of an issue with others.. but the biggest thing i ever wondered is how much hardcore users actually do at a time.. like i normally buy 1/8th ounce at a time which will last a day or two if with a few friends or longer if mostly me...but like do heavy users take big lines every few minutes at times or what... another question is are there any physical bad long term effects on the brain from use ?

sorry for choppiness of post but thanks in advance for any replies...


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    Both cardiac issues and stroke are the risks of "hardcore" use cocaine. Coke increases blood pressure while causing the contraction of blood vessels – a bit like turning a faucet on full force while blocking the water’s exit. On top of that, the complex effects of coke on the body can cause cardiac blood vessels to spasm and, in due time, it can cause your heart to increase in size. Either way, the end result may be serious, if not fatal, heart conditions. Coke has an extremely wide range of toxicity between people, that’s why you won’t find too much written about “safe” amounts and many other substance increase the odds of problems – even alcohol and cigarettes.

    Once a user becomes accustomed to the euphoria and starts using it on a regular basis, stopping its use can be short-lived; the user becomes depressed and goes back to it quickly. In terms of doing fatter or more frequent lines, even animals will seek to increase their intake to the point they will simply overdose and die.

    When it comes to addiction (not to say all "hardcode" users are or become addicts), cocaine is notably one that can sneak up on you easily and cause a lifetime of struggling for the user and friends or family (I've seen it first hand). Be careful since addiction is quirky as to whom it favors and gamblers tend to be in the path.

    In terms of the brain, seizures are not uncommon. Over time, your level of dopamine (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good) may become depleted – this is what can cause depression and the need for more cocaine, as well as a notorious agitated violent state that is classic for heavy coke.

    And…last of all…let’s not forget the risk of a perforated septum. Snorting it results in a decreased blood flow to your nose, so with regular and increased usage your nose may pay a hefty toll.
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    thanks for response

    thanks for response.. i understand the dangers and the addiction risks and currently am basically just going through experimental stage and will probably discontinue use soon as its just not worth the risks.. i appreciate the factual.. non nagging or demeaning tone of the response..

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    CuzICare seems to have summed it up well.

    But, I will add that gambling and cocaine dont go well together, especially if it is your means of support, you will make bad judgements.

    Also its interesting you gamble, this is known to be a stimulant on the dopamine system.

    Oh, and in case you were bothered cocaine is seriously unethical and funds mass terrorism and murder.
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    some interesting info there cheers mate :thumb:
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