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I dont like the people i work with.

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Im currently looking for a new job anyways but ive got a bit of a problem. Where i work im the only male in an office of two older ladies and a girl of a similar age. They sorta gang up on me with their views and opinons, all backing each other up. Their views are rather biased as its mainly based on their intellect or gender. For example they keep on being horrible to me about me being single. Questioning everything id ever do, asking me how i ask girls out and so on. But worst is the girl of my age often going 'well least i got a bf' or 'at least i get some' when ever her arguments against me are failing.

Apart from their derogataory remarks other things get to me. All of them have used a computer for at least 3 years yet dont know what 'restart your pc' means. They use things like excel on a daily basis yet ask me how to save their documents. They screw up their tool bar cos they hold the mouse down and drag and then want me to fix it. Any tiny little problem and they always want me to help. they never explore the system they are using or come up with their own methods of fixing it. Just always ask me to do it for them and dont even bother to learn.

Worst of all though happened today. I work extreamly hard in my job, none of them could do my job yet they think it only takes me five minutes a day and i MUST play computer games all day long because they have nothing to do all day. Fact is im paid the same as they are yet do 100X's more work than them. They are basically customer service answering calls, while i make, designs, write, maintain a number of websites. Handel the HUGE database by myself maintaining it, do a number of graphic design roles and anything else the boss asks me to do. I only get asked cos im the only one that can do it in the company.

But for example today i find out there has been a job not given to me for a couple of weeks which needs to be done tomo. I tell them they shoulda given it to me as soon as possible and just get told by the girl 'But its your job just do it'. I then tell her she should do her job first cos i cant do mine without her doing heres and then get told 'stop moaning and just do what your paid to do'.

Its all written down in emails and the boss didnt even say a word as i and the boss was being emailed these things. The girl is a stuck up shallow person who in her life has had everything given to her, its like the world and everyone on it owe her something.

I work very hard at my job but really feel under appriciated and its made worse by someone with the intelligence of a snowman constantly being horrible to me, belittling me and causing problems for me. You may think im being nasty but this girl used a scouring pad to clean her car and doesnt have any common sense. The boss says nothing when anything happens because shes not really a boss. She browses porn websites with the other women there when they are bored, doesnt know what my job entails (but seems to think it doesnt take me long to do anything and i must play computer games during the day) and is just not a boss, she is a boss in name only.

I've started getting all these horrible headaches at work, some people say its stress, the job itself isnt stressful, i get things done on time and try and have fun doing some of it, but its the things these three women say and do to me. Constantly telling me im single and putting my picture onto websites and writting horrible stuff telling people im a geek and been single for a long time and all sorts of stuff. They tell me that all i do is sit at home on the computer all day, that i dont do anything, have no life and that i should just do my job while they browse more porn.

Its really horrible, i hate working there, they think they are right about everything when often they are totally wrong and ive proven that. I dont think im right about everything but their arguments are fact-less and often biased towards their view point. I get asked why im being quiet, i say its cos im doing work which is true, but they dont believe me. I hate going into work every morning and now take my walkman in so i dont have to listen or talk to them as much as possible.

I hate that they think my job involves pushing two buttons and thats it for the day and they want me to do everything for them cos their job is oh so hard. I just wish they'd leave me alone :(


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    Go and see the head of the company or someone in Human Resources, tell them your being bullied and made to feel horrible by these women. The fact they put your picture on a web site is also something that could get them into a bit of trouble.

    Im pretty sure you could end up getting money because of all of this, its horrible how people can treat someone that way just because there single.

    Something that is the sad reality of working life though is that there are people who do much less work than you yet still get payed the same money, my boss at work is always on at me purley because she knows im the only one capable of doing any work half the time. Needless to say im looking for something new and cant wait to tell them im leaving :cool:
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    You need to speak to your manager asap. The girls should not be asking about your personal problems/lifestyle, how do you chat-up girls and all of that, it's very out of order.

    What you should do as well is make a note of everything that goes on so that when you do go to speak to your manager, you have notes to back it up. It will also show a pattern of when these things happen and how often.

    When I used to teach, I always mentioned to my class that I show/teach something ONCE and once only. If the person(s) wern't paying attention, then that's their problem. Maybe you should adapt the same attitude. Tell them/help them once and explain that if they mess up again, then you won't show them again. Get firm, and don't let them walk over you anymore.

    You deserve better.
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    Its a tiny company there is no such thing as HR and when ever i do say anything im just 'shouted' down as it were as if im in the wrong. For example today im working hard, the women are moaning they are bored and got nothing to do yet constantly keep asking for me to go and get boxes from the warehouse for them cos they are 'heavy'. I said im busy working but the boss just scowled at me and said 'just do it marc your not that busy'. They give me jobs with only an hours notice when it takes a lot longer than an hour to do and then just say 'well its your job, not our thought we give it to you late'.

    Theres no one in the company i can talk to, theres the guy that owns the company but he wont do anything and i know this having spoken to him before. Today i got told im a liar about anything i answered. They have no proof i am lying (which im not) but just say i MUST be lying cos its not true. They are just really horrible people. One example is the girl my age had an argument with her bf because he wanted to go to a dying friends party and she didnt want him to go.

    They are just so self centered and opionated and 'always right'. But the constantly telling me im a liar and that im single really gets to me. I know no girls like me, i know i have no friends so why keep pushing it into my face.

    I kept telling them to stop being such horrible people and bullying me but they just laugh and go 'we're not bullying you'. I wanted to just walk out :( i dont want to go to work tomo.

    Ive tried the 'im telling you this once' thing before and just get the boss having a go at me telling me i have to tell them cos its my job. Its always my job! they are lazy horrible people. :(

    I do write things down but theres no use in it, the company is so small theres no one i can talk to or do anything about. I just want a new job :(
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    NeoNero wrote:
    I just want a new job :(

    Which is exactly what you need.

    It is much easier said than done, but you need to put some serious time and thought into looking for a new job. Staying in this one really doesn't sound good for you at all.
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    Im already looking, already had interviews and got two more this month. Dont think i'll get get these two though, first one is a strange one which worries me and the second one they want me to do a whole long ass presentation and 'exercise' as if im at school.
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    Sounds to me like getting a new job is what would be bst for you, you sound like youve got resonanble employable skills, I wouldnt bother with an official complaint, especialy as itsa a small company.
    How old are you, quite young Ill bet maybe you should look for any job that will keep you busy and meet new people.

    When you do eventually get a new job or an offer, be sure to assert your legal rights regarding a reference, make them beleive youl go to a soliciter and sue them if its bad.

    When your leaving tell the owner how you feel, regarding your position,

    Then if the job situation is as you say theyl have to get someone else paying more than they do to you probably, and chances are they might be a bit older and able to assert them sefves a bit, this will reflect badly on the other emplyies,
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    might sound petty but keep a diary noting all incidents, times and dates for a while.
    Even if you're not i'd make sure they know that you feel uncomfortable about them looking at porn with you around and make anote of every time you see it on one of their screens
    Then i'd make a complaint to a legal advisor, im sure these other employees wont have a leg to stand on, especially if the companies isp is checked for internet history (although by the sounds of it i doubt they would even know how to clear this from their own computer)
    As other people have asked, how old are you?
    If you're younger than 18 you should have no problems getting free advice and support from many charitable organisations...
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