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I work in a clothes shop, but I'm quitting now.
When I first started I was shy because it was my first job and a few weeks later the wrong holiday was booked by a breakdown in communication (I asked 4 the 1st week in august, the put the 1st week in september).
Anyway, I had a chat with the manager and she was great. She told me that I was trying too hard and I needed to be more streetwise to be a better assistant.
Anyway, I thought it'd all blown over, even though I was suspicious of some collegues bitching about me, until I recieved a letter the other day accusing me of unortharised absenses and poor customer service.
Anyway, I'd tried so hard in work, even though it depressed me a lot. I suffer from depression anyway and I took an overdose on Friday (u may have read it)although I'd had so much stress through college, at home and it was one of the things that cracked me.
They frankly didn't give a toss when my Dad phoned to tell them I was very ill in hospital. My friends went in later on Saturday to tell them I was on a drip and I was very sick, here's what they said to them.
Of course my friend burst into tears and people just stared at the supervisor while my other friend shouted at them.
Is it me or is this really unfair treatment for a Saturday job?



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    Definately unfair treatment, you're better off out of there and finding a workplace that can appreciate you hard work.

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    I don't wanna be bitching about my own sex but if i am gonna be honest (from experience) wherever you get a bunch of females working together bitching and back-stabbing is inevitable. Its what females do when they feel threatened by the presence of another.

    Of all the jobs I've had I have preferred to work alongside males. It is more relaxed and you can be alsmost sure that there is no back-stabbing.

    The first job I had when I left school to support me through college was in a shop and the girls that were already there were very bitchy. When I went in they tried some tactics on me so I just said 'God, have you guys not left school because you are going on like a bunch of kids!' I also had a verbal confrontation with a couple of them one night during a stock take which was a lot harsher than that and they left me alone.

    If u start a job feeling shy your colleagues will see it as a weakness and they will use it against you. Before u start ur next job u should consider taking a course to become more confident and assertive.

    You need to walk into your next job with your head held high, confident that you will succeed and make lots of new friends.

    I hope you are feeling better since Friday and if u ever contmeplate anything like that again, please don't do it. Email me [email protected] or send me a Yahoo instant message (lenggwaimui)

    You can talk to me anytime.

    Lotsa Love from GwaiMui

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    I'm sorry you have had to suffer so traumatically. Firstly, please do not let it put you off looking for another job, your dream job will be waiting for you.

    Trying to work with depression is hard, whilst not letting anyone else see how you feel. unfortuneately the workplace can be an uncaring place, not soley because they don't want to care, but because they don't understand.

    I have suffered depression for many years now and am through a bout during my work life. I have been medically signed off since July. I have only had one colleague contact me because he happens to be a close friend also. I know when he drags me to the pub, other people I work with will either themselves or the husbands watching my every move, every drink ordered. I now move under the cover of darkness to hide form them. Fortunately we are covered by laws of equality, and if you feel u are being descriminated against, may I suggest a word with your GP or local Citizens Advice Beauro.

    Whatever you do, may I wish you the best of luck, you sound like you deserve it. If you ever want to chat about anything you can mail me at [email protected]

    Take care Liberty
    Luka <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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