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First Time Sex

OK i'm a bit embarrased about this so please be kind!

I know we've had similar topics b4 but i need sum advice.

At the w/end me & my bf decided we were ready 2 sleep wit each other. We did all the usual foreplay etc. but when it came 2 the actual thing it hurt me 2 much so i told him 2 stop. (which he did!)

We tried again the next morning but it still hurt LOADS!!

I woz turned on so it weren't that & i weren't nervous @ all but it still really hurt.

I don't really wanna talk 2 ne of my mates about this as they are either virgins as well or the one or two which aren't said it only hurt a little bit when they lost their virginity so they wouldn't understand wot i meant.

Please help & give me sum advice!

Helen xxx
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru

    Well, leave it for a few days. Then make sure you're relaxed etc, as worrying just makes it worse. Try again. If it keeps happening, see your doctor. Embarassing I know.

    Of course, it's supposed to hurt the first time.

    Nature's way of telling you remain celebate for life because men are all worthless specemins.

    But if you choose not be believe me, which is probably advisable at the moment, then believe that it won't always hurt.

    One more thing...go on the Pill and force him, and I do mean FORCE him to use a condom.

    It's worth it, really it is, take it from me <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

    Baby, baby, baby....

    *|* Chica *|*

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    Girl-From-MarsGirl-From-Mars Posts: 2,822 Boards Guru
    fab uk girlie... it sounds like its just gonna hurt a bit the first time, maybe the first few times for you, you're one of the unlucky ones like me <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;

    but honestly it gets better and starts to be like everyone says it is! you dont need to go and see a doctor... at least i wouldnt have thought so. but do what chica said, leave it a couple of days and try again after mucho foreplay and all that just to be sure.. and if you want to sleep with this lad then you have to prepare yourself it may hurt a little bit.

    sometimes it takes a small amount of force to tear the hymen enough to have sex, and yes it does hurt <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; make sure he knows its your first time and tell him you may want to stop at any time. it might help if he goes in a little way and just stays there for a minute or two, and you do it like that, until he actually cant get any further, when he may have to push a little bit.

    god it sounds awful now ive described it!! but you just have to bear in mind that it will get better <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

    and the contraception thing is essential of course <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

    Never put off to tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru


    That was a very technical decription! Maybe you should write one of those step-by-step sex manuals.

    First this goes there, and you put that over here...

    <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;

    Any other question Fab Girl?

    *|* Chica *|*
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    Girl-From-MarsGirl-From-Mars Posts: 2,822 Boards Guru
    lol god i knoooow <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/redface.gif"&gt;

    Never put off to tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thanx 4 the advice u 2!! I'll try that & hopefully everything will be ok!!
    Oh yeah he woz using a condom & we have both talked about stuff like contraception etc!
    Luv Helen xxx <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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