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ACID is the don

MixBotMixBot Posts: 8,656 Automated Account
acid tabs are shrouded by myths. here is a foolproof way of discovering acid and having a good time.

1)make the room comfortable. be with friends. play chilled out music.

2) buy an 8th per person of premium skunk

3) to begin with, smoke a spliff and take ONE HALF a tab each. this way you'll see the potency of your tabs. some tabs are stronger than others, so taking half is a test for that particular tab. keep taking halves not wholes. if you start to spin out, just stop. smoke some weed, which will dull down your sences, and drink plenty of fluids. relax, and if it becomes too much... GO TO BED!!

thats it. personally, i stopped taking tabs and moved onto liquid lsd on sugar cubes. this stuff is for EXPERIENCED TRIPPERS ONLY if you are offered liquid, use your judgement wisely, because too much of a dose can make you LOOSE IT. however, all of my experieces have been positive, and i saw an array of weird and wonderful things.

the best thing i've "seen" is taking acid during the day and going into a womens clothes shop with my ex. i thought all the birds in there were naked and i ran out giggling!! fun fun fun..


if you're uptight, hyper, scatty, stressed out and/or moody.. smoke weed because it's safer than alcohol and tastier to boot! - Tai's advice 4 the day
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