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The actual experience of drug taking

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
Hello, it's me again with a new topic.
I have never taken drugs except alcohol largely because I am poor, I can't really handle alcohol as it is and I tend to see drug taking as quite dangerous.
So, what does it feel like to do the drugs that you do?
What do the high points feel like? And the comedown?
How does your body feel the day after you have taken drugs? Is there a hangover type feeling for drugs?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Sounds like ur gettin tempted into it...
    The fact all drugs r expensive is a myth, if u drink over 4 pints of beer in a night u could buy 1 or 2 pills, an eigth of dope, 4 trips, g of K or a g of speed, all those(seperately) cost about a tenner.

    explaining is difficult but I'll try...

    Ok I'll start with pills.
    when u first start taking them the buzz is great. U get a rush of energy and then u get real happy n friendly n love everything... U also get real confident n chatty.
    Middle point of pilling is usually being happy not quite so chatty n not so energetic n u'll probably want another 1. At the end of the pill u get a bit monged maybe a bit of a trippy feeling n quite tired cos u'll be moving around a lot.
    After u've taken a few hundred n r used to them, pilling changes, u don't really get the initial rush of happiness, u usually get quite a lot of energy n it's a lot shorter a buzz but more intense,
    after 800-1000 pills it changes again, u can quite happily sit down n chill, n maybe just be a bit more confident n like things u don't get the urge to run around and the trippy feeling is much mor intense.
    Over that I don't really know as I havn't broken n e more barriers

    Dope, well that chills u out a lot makes me a bit tired n chilled sorta drunk yet calm, relaxes u as well.
    No real comedown at all.

    Acid, probably the most difficult to explain, u get a bit hallucnegenic, things that shouldn't be moving start moving, u start thinking a lot more yet ur not really thinking... u get a bit of an energy rush n u loose inhabitions u start thinking bout normal things u've never though of in a different sorta way cos u see them, in a sorta different way.
    Can get real bad come downs of this, makes u think bout ur life n brings out all the bad points n think about them loads, only do acid if ur secure with urself.

    K, like acid alters u perspective but in a much more unreal way, it doesn't make u think really just sorta nocks u into ur subconcious allowin u to see things u really shouldn't b seing like ur own body sitting on the ground n can see from place u shouldn't be able to see from cos ur still.
    Comedowns makes u depressed well groggy n hungover for a day or so, can freak u out a bit as well.

    Speed is just a rushy thing, makes u buzz n get loadsa energy n brightens u up, kinda like pills due to the fact there is a lot of speed in pills, but less of the happiness u just rush n then come down, come downs can be harsh cos u want more speed, Harry's probably the expert on this 1 though.

    Coke, expensive, not really worth it... Makes u incredibly confident n like yeah wicked to everything n missioning doing stuff loads kinda nice clean feeling to it as well n not much of a comedown.

    Anything else really aint worth doing.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Thanks for the reply.
    At the end you said anything else is not worth doing, is that because what you have mentioned is enough as it is or that other stuff is more dangerous?

    Anyone else that would like to explain what it feels like to take drugs are welcome to tell me. I'm looking for points of experience that are common to users then I may be able to build up a profile of the experience of taking certain drugs.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Other stuff.
    Well not really the danger aspect it's more of an addiction aspect, Crack n Heroin r the other 2 common drugs, both of them r really addictive and the expierience u get off them is much nicer than the other drugs, unfortunately when u take them u always know they're out n u get the best feelings off them, u just have to think they're not worth it cos of the consequencies of addiction n the problems that go with it.
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