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what next?

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Well, this is about my fourth ever topic in this forum, and this time it's not about being an alcoholic! This time I want your educated suggestions.

As has been well documented... I'm a big drinker (or so I like to think). But the beer and spirits are making me fat and I'm getting fed up of it week in week out. I've done Poppers a few times (got heavy arms and a headache) and I smoke weed regularly. I always though weed was crap until I stoppped smoking resin and got some proper stuff... which is a thousand times better.

Anyway... I've never done speed, cocaine, pills, heroin or anything more illegal than hash. I want to try some more stuff out when I'm heading off out around town. So, for going out and being sociable, but not thinking I can fly or looking like a sweating dilated dehydrated gimp... what would you suggest I try?

I just want an enjoyable new experience and be able to have a good time without becoming a violent drug-crazed addict. I realise there are risks with everything, but whats the best experience I can have?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    well pills should be the most easily available drug to you besides weed I expect and It will make you more sociable without much chance of 'anything strange' happening. Of coarce you could end up looking like a sweating dilated dehydrated gimp (like i did this w/e =( ) so youl just have to use it in moderation...

    Also not that I recommend this at all but speed (and pills) is an exelent drug if you want to lose weight. Not only will you be much more active but you will also lose your apitite for a few days too (see the post below "amphetamines......HELP!")


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I would try E if I were you.

    It's the safest out of all the rest probably, it lasts a long time, and its cheap, especially in the UK. I think it is much more of an intense feeling than coke, without all of the facial twitchs and nervous habits that come out with coke. It makes me very happy and social when I take before I go out.

    Coke is also good, but people react very differently to it. It's suprisingly subtle in its effects, some people don't feel anything. Most people I know who've tried it could take it or leave it, they don't think it's worth the hype and price, and it really isn't unless you do a lot. Which makes it dangerous, expensive and usually pretty evident to people that you're on something. You can drink like a fish when you're on it though, (You probably can anyway) and its a pretty social drug seeing as you jabber away like an idiot on it.

    Opium is fun, but hard to get. Kind of a downer too. Not really something to take before a night on the town.

    Speed is fun but nothing to mess around with. Too dangerous in my opinion. (Question: do you guys usually get meth when you buy speed??)
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Cheers. I can get pills easily enough. Is half a pill going to be enough to bust my narcotic cherry? Or will I need to chomp two to have a decent effect? I really don't know what I'm doing as far as quantity is concerned.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Take one.
    I took two the first time and remember only bits and pieces of the evening. Also chewed the hell out of my tongue and ground my teeth like crazy, then made out with some random girl with open sores in my mouth. Ughhh! Half usually isn't enough.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    One shHalf should be enough for the first time... it depends a bit on how tall and how much body weight you have. Certainly no more than one.

    And try and do it with someone who has done it before... also there are plenty of threads and articles around this site on how to keep safe, how much to drink ect.

    Oh, and I wouldn't take it with alcohol.

    Enjoy <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Kirk you really are turning into a party animal <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    The step up from what you have and haven't tried is a huge one, the experience's from what is left are uncomprahendable, and need caution, that said one hell of alot of fun is to be had <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    Firstly i would stay well clear of heroin, crack, cocaine and acid these are for me on a different lever again to speed, ketamine and pills and experience of the latter three is advisable before risking the rest, in addition the first bunch can be addictive and can mess with your head <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    So of the three thats left i would strongly recommend pills, it is a drug which has changed my perspective of the reality i live in and for the better, it is something which is fun, isn't physically addictive and is safe providing you know what you are doing.

    Before you even contemplate doing anything make sure you know what to expect, how to minimise health risks and most importantly ensure you are doing it for the right reasons <IMG SRC="wink.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> I tried pills under similar circumstances to you, curiosity, the need to further my 'you only live once attitude', to have more fun and to be honest i'm so pleased i did its untrue, i still enjoy the benefits of alcohol but i now have a further string to my bow ! Its odd, i don't think its possible to imagine quite what a difference pills have made to me over the last year <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    Speed isn't quite the drug ecstasy is, it will ceratinly make you into the dancing dehydrated gimp and its a dirtier drug, often cut with crap and the come down isn't at all pleasent, i wouldn't especially recomend it, although its better than nothing

    Ketamine is o.k, in small amounts its quite 'trippy' but it isn't really a social drug, you kind of become detatched from everything around you, a weird experience. In higher doses you get messy, unable to do basic tasks like walk and talk, not pleasent for somebody experimenting with drugs for the first time !

    I'm not in the buisness of telling people to take drugs, it has to be a decision made by the individual, they have many many postives, but they do have negatives, once you've tried pills its very unlikely you'll stop at one, the experience is to dam good to leave it there, the long term health consequences are still largely unknown, although the 80's rave mob as yet remain uneffected <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> Ceratin friends won't be to impressed and the urge to announce how fantastic they are and to talk them into doing it is difficult to resist, the criminal implications can be harsh, which will annoy the fuck out of you once you've realised exactly how it makes you feel/behave <IMG SRC="wink.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    There is alot of very good, unbiased information at http://www.ecstasy.org i suggest reading as much as you can, then make an informed educated decision, if you want any furter advice make sure you come ask us

    and if you do try pills, my god you'll love it, they provided the second best night of my life and the feeling is second only to orgasm, but then it lasts hours not seconds <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> a little know-how pre-pills is all you need to eliminate all the risks your filled with in the form of government / media propoganda
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Originally posted by evil kirk:
    <STRONG>Is half a pill going to be enough to bust my narcotic cherry? Or will I need to chomp two to have a decent effect? </STRONG>

    I'd take half, then the second half one hour later regardless of wheteher you have come up or not

    To take half bite it, i once watched a mate turn a pill into powder all over the table and floor by tring to cut it with a credir card <IMG SRC="rolleyes.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> be quick to drink the water they taste awful
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I only ever took half but then I'm quite small.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Cheers Kirk, this was something i was going to post!

    And cheers also to Eb, Mindless, USC Alex and RNT for answering my exact same question.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    This post is really just to confirm what the others have said. Remember everything begins with an E

    I know from posts you've made before, how much you enjoy a beverge, but trust me when I say that ecstasy will open up a whole new experience.

    I am not in the habit of recomending any drugs to anyone on this board, but since you asked ecstasy is my answer. I reckon you'd thrive on it. <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    Take one the first time you do it and do it in a relaxed enviroment (i.e not a club). Take it in 2 halfs if it makes you feel better but personally I recomemnd doing one straight off even if it does paly around with your stomache a bit. The thing to remember is to relax. You'll enjoy it much more if you don't worry about it. Taking ecsasty is after all safer than crossing the road.

    [ 06-03-2002: Message edited by: 'Skive ]
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    The advice form RNT & eb is sound here Kirk, listen to it.

    Dont mess around with e, if you take too much you climb the tolerance ladder very quickly. I have stuck to my half in the club, half at the after party rule for almost a year now and I'm happy with that. Only recently took a whole one for the first time. Once you move up to taking 2, 3 and more a night you cant go back, some of my mates munch their way through 6 or more. Its taking too much that turns you into a sweating gimp... why do guys like that always wear jumpers in clubs anyway??! <IMG SRC="confused.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="rolleyes.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    I use lip balm on my lips to stop myself chewing, chewing gum only encourages me to chew, then I spit it out and 20 mins later I'm chewing my tongue cos I've forgotten the gum aint there anymore, d'oh!

    Always do it the first time with someone to keep an eye on you, my mates looked after me really well my first night, it made me relax more and enjoy it.

    And dont drink alcohol too much, or at all.

    Think I've just about repeated what everyone else has said <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    Good luck mate, be careful. Looking forward to more of your tales of madness in this new chapter of the Kirk legend <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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