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ok...just wondering if any of you have help, advice,information,or if you've been in the same situation..whatever really.

someone i know is addicted to amphetamines (speed). they are also bulemic. now they have serious health problems as a consequence - serious heart problems, nerve problems, psychological problems etc.

i think the main reason he uses them is to prolong hunger (this seems to fit with the eating disorder) and to feel more confident. he is often aggressive, tired and anti-social, result of coming down perhaps.

however there is a refusal to admit it, and to admit that the health problems are a consequence of it. this makes it very difficult to solve the problem, as he would refuse to have councilling etc.

i know he went through a phase of taking cocaine very regularly quite long ago although i do not know how long for. i don't know if it is common to move on to amphetamines, i usually thought it went the other way round?

it is affecting their life and their future.

so when it gets as late as this where someones health is severely at risk, what is there to do?
also how common is it to use amphetamines as a means of controlling weight/hunger?

thanks - x


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    obviously it's very difficult at this stage because he is in serious physical danger but won't admit that he needs help, I doubt he is going to get through this alone.. it sounds exactly like the psychosis that 'phet addicts invariably end up with, the eating disorder really complicates things, it becomes very difficult to distinguish cause from effect.. organ damage from the stimulant, loss of appetite / malnutrition / vitimin deficiency, insomnia / comedowns, depression / paranioa... they are all perversely complimentary to eachother if you know what i mean, your friend needs a multi-headed approach if he is to have any chance of getting well, if he is flatly unwilling to even admit that he has a problem then somehow he has to be convinced, the obvious things shouldn't be under-estimated ie; let him know that you care, are worried and willing to help him, and above all don't alienate him, sometimes friends and family can get you through these things, sometimes therapy and medication, sometimes sheer force of will, usually all 3 are required.... without admitting the problem though he doesn't stand much chance of recovering.

    As for how common this sort of thing is?
    amphetamines and their derivitives are BIG BUSINESS, they were heavily used in World War 2 by both sides - massive amounts were produced and distributed to troops in order to decrease the need for sleep and food even though their were many resulting deaths & cases of addiction, they are now the main component in thousands of slimming pills and concentration aids, many poeple have end up dead or becoming a skinny, frail, pasty-faced whisp of a person thanks to this craze of "stimulant slimming".

    probably doesn't help you much right...but.. good luck anyway, hope he sees sense and can get his shit together.
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    I'm not an expert on speed, don't do a lot of it myself, so don't know the exaxt mental staus and general feelings that it gives if you do take it a lot, but I will help as much as I can...

    If he doesn't admit that he's addicted (he may well think that he isn't) its best not to go on about it, and constantly try and get him to stop. If you do that it is likely that he will stop telling you exactly to what extent he is taking it, and its always best to know that.

    Discuss the situation with his other friends, the closer they are to him the better, and see if a group effort might help him to see... but make sure he doesn't feel like you are ganging up on him!

    Taking speed certainly does get rid if your appitite.. it is used in all sorts of diet pills and alike because of that reason. Is your friend seeing a therapist/councillor because of his bulemia? If so, it could be a good idea is he tells them about the speed... obviously it would be treated confidentially, and they might be experienced in such matters.

    Although it is more usual for people to take speed before cocaine, I don't think anything can be read into the fact that he did it the other way round.... it just depends on what you get offered first.

    Try to show your concern without seeming too intruding... and I find it helps to look at things from their point of view, and see how they are thinking, and attack the issue from that angle.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    This sounds quite a mess, the most imporatnt thing is getting him to see he has a problem, but be careful, it will be only to easy to fall out over this, he clearly isn't mentally stable. The added crisis of an eating disorder means to me beyond any doubt proffesional help is needed, doctors and councillers are a neccessity and i would be inclined to believe his parents need to know, but how they found out is equally as tricky assuming they don't know ? if you betray his trust your fucked.

    This certainly isn't a problem which can be overcome by you and your mates, the best you can do is making him see he has a problem, if you can't it will be for his own good if you find extra help from outside <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> he will resent you for it at first and it will be difficult for all concerned, its the hard option, but leaving things a bit longer in the hope some miricale will occur and he'll jump out of bed o.k is the worst course of action.

    It might be the case he knows he has a problem, but feels he'll sort it alone, where blokes are concerned you have the pride thing <IMG SRC="rolleyes.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> i'm a victim of it myself on a regular basis ! Keep talking to him, if you just can't get through, try and get him to speak to somebody else, if he won't desperate times call for desperate measures, speak to all his mates, his shag - anyone close to him

    keep us posted, i feel sorry for you and your situation <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> good luck <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I feel like i am in the same situation, but i am the one losing the weight and taking speed.

    About a month ago i started taking speed and since then have been having it on a regular basis. About 2 weeks ago my mum and dad went on holiday and i had the house to myself so in this time i took alot of speed. My mum is a real diet freak and gets extremely proud if i lose weight, so when sho came back and noticed that i had lost over half a stone she was extatic.

    I am 16 and 5'6". i did weigh 9 1/2 stone but now i weigh 8 stone 12. I love the feeling off speed but also like making my mum happy. ITs not fair to blame her for why i use it but i love losing the weight. I know i'm not addicted and could stop at any time, but i just dont want to.

    Its a hard problem to undertand unless youve been there.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Originally posted by hells angel:
    <STRONG> I know i'm not addicted and could stop at any time, but i just dont want to.


    have you tried ?

    famous last words, they are <IMG SRC="wink.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    hells angel............

    1month you say? so are you taking it like,, every 4 days or somehting?
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