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right...urrmm kinda stupid...but i've been out of what you would call mainstream schooling for...at least a year now if not more...and it's now possible i will have to go back to england...and the bit i'm most scared about: going back to high school. my memories from high school are not good...being pushed down stairs, being spat on, being locked in lockers, getting work stolen, getting beaten up on the way home...you know the story...so is there anyway around this...it's still just a possiblity right now but a very grim one. and would i be put back?? i did first year of english language, lit, IT, spanish (but could take the exam and pass easily), and second year of maths and combined sciences...but failed my exams because i only had 6 months to study and had crap teachers too. i've been studing music since october and i'm doing a C&G in sound engineering...

what could i do??
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    Do about what? you're not being very clear mate.
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    not 100% sure what you mean.
    but i think if you want to take gcse's at a high school in the uk - you'll have to study for the full 2 years (except in spanish obviously!) so you might be put back a year, but it would depend on the school and what work you'd already done.
    if you are worried about bullying - don't be! although it might have been a problem in the past, this will be a different school and a different time and most schools have procedures in place to deal with it and bullying is taken very seriously. - except on the of chance of, if you came to my university for example, where bullying is quite an acceptable form of behaviour!
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