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An MP's drug Xperiences!

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i got this from howard mark's compilation of stories: its by Chris Mayhew MP n taken from the Observer 1956- enjoy...

Last autumn, in anticipation of a visit 2 the uk, dr. osmond asked me 2 approach the BBC about the possibility of doing broadcasts of his work. i replied by suggesting that we should make a television film together about mescaline, in the course of which he would give me (the MP -- Ha!) the drug and i would describle my reactions. On 2nd December a bbc producer n film team arrived at our home in surrey, and at 1205pm filmed me drinking 400mg of mescaline hydrochloride. for half n hr nothing happened, then i began feeling sick, and various nerves and muscles started twitching unpleasantly. as this wore off my body became more or less anaesthetised. i felt completely detached from my body and the world. by 115pm i was in the full flood of the extraordinary visual phenomena described in the Doors of Perception. Perspectives and colours everywhere had an astonishing mysterious beauty. The red curtains of our drawing room took on a dozen ethereal shades of mauve and purple. This experience alone would have fully justified the entire experient for me, but at 130 all interest in these visual phenomena was abruptly swept aside when i found that time was behaving even more strangely than colour. Though perfectly rational and wide awake, i was not experiencing events in a normal sequence of time. i was experiencing the events of 330 before the events of 300 and so on. Several events i experienced with an equal degree of reality more than once. in films, flash backs transpose us backwards and forwards in time. in the same way i found later events in our drawing room--- events in which i myself was participating at the bodily level being interrupted by earlier events and vice versa. This experience lasted about 2 n a half hrs, when the drug began wearing off. An amusing by- product was that i never knew whether or when the experiment was ending. True, i could, and constantly did, consult my watch; and would be aware of my eyes registering say 300pm. But this information would be of no value to me, in my strange detachment since i knew i might soon be transported to some earlier part of the experiment when i would be aware of my eyes registering-- say 230pm However, as the drugs wore off, i managed 2 work out a way of telling that the experiment was ending. i noticed that i was experiencing events of a particular type with increasing frequency and regularity, which were the events associated with our tea trolley-- which was brought in at the end of the experiment. their increasing frequency of recurrence gave them a special importance and significance. after a time, they held the field and were no longer interrupted by earlier events. the tea trolley stayed there all the time, and i judged from this ( it was my only clue) that i was back in the normal world of time.

Mescaline sounds like some serious fu*ed up shit!!! any1 know any mescaline info/facts/funny stories (plz the latter- <IMG alt="image" SRC="wink.gif" border="0"> )


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    Check out the tune "Christopher Mayhew Says" by The Shamen.
    Mescaline info http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/mescaline/mescaline.shtml
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    Also try reading "the doors of perception" by aldous Huxley (same guy that wrote "a brave new world"). Incidentaly this book is where the band "The doors" got there name from.

    Its derived from Peyote (cactus) which is legal in amsterdam (but still tricky to get hold of). Peyote and Mescalin are (in my opinion and generally considerd) the safest hallucenogen to take, as the chances of a bad trip are miniscule. Don't take my word for it though, do your own research. Also some people say that it can really f*ck you up long term, although I've never had any flashbacks or side effects.
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    Quick safety note: legal status of these things aside, anyone with mental health problems should avoid hallucinogens.

    [/end safety note]
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