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what is the most popular drug? fav's?

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i'm thinkin about doin LSD i'm only 16, but i just think it is the most iamazing thing in the world, its the only drug i'd think is worth taking, i don't care about stimulants and depressants, i wanna see some hallucinations... i don't think i'll take it soon, but in college..

and i'm also wondering, whats the most popular drug out there>
and also what are your fav's?

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    I'm not saying that you do this, mearly re-telling my experiences.

    I used to take acid nearly every week in my last year of school, which probably will explain the lack of results i left with.

    If i could change the past i probably wouldn't have taken it till i was a little older. Probably college age or older. At the end of the day there's no rush to do it. You're better waiting till you've sorted your life out, job wise.

    Acid is the most fun i have ever had. Only a few times in my life have i laughed as hard as i have on acid.

    On a more sombre note, one of friends will not do acid cos last time she did one of her friends(also on acid) thought he was a bird and threw himself of a bridge.

    It's mainly fun but when you fuck with your mind it's not always pretty.

    I was made for a better world.
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    favourite drug has got to be coke. Altghough i do like ectascy when I am clubbing. Coke is more of a pub grug in my opinion.

    Done acid once and probably never again because it was a bad experience. I has to take 2 days off work recovering. Not good
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    My favourite is E. Coke is one of the few I haven't tried, and I am told I will like it a lot. However, I'm in no hurry to try it, as what I do now is enough.

    I would suggest waiting at least untill college before trying anything more than cannabis, but the decisions yours.
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    I enjoy doing pills and thats probably my main drug along with cannabis (Pref. Skunk), LSD or mushies on occasion is nice, speed has too much of a comedown, coke is great but expensive

    I enjoy hallucinating and the last time for me was on Monday evening, I haven't been so amused or laughed so much in ages..

    I walked one my my friends home and on the way all the houses looked like they had xmas lights up, leaves on the floor turned into these speedy baby hedgehogs, colourful squares kept appearing in front of my eyes, the front and backs of cars turned into faces and by the time I got home I was having such strong ones that I kept thinking I was back on Sunday night....

    Hallucinating can be fun but remember if you have a bad trip or start getting paranoid then its not always so sweet, these things can last a long time and if you scarred its not nice... <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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    I know of someone who hid under a parked car for 6 hours at night, because he thought dead people were following. So make sure you're happy if you do take it...
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    I would say marijuana for my fav drug but i dont even consider it as a drug. Just like smoking a cig to me. So besides marijuana...

    It'd have to be (easily) ecstacy. There is no feeling like it in the world. Only one thing feels better...

    Crack. But its the ABSOLUTE WORST drug in my opinion because of its addictiveness. You can not deny if you have tried crack, that it is the best high you can ever have. But it is not worth it, TRUST ME.

    I have not done it in about 3 years and never really had a problem with it. And i will NEVER EVER touch it again because i have seen what it has done to many people. It is not pretty.

    As far as your LSD adventures. I think you dont have much to worry about as long as....

    - you are taking it in a comfortable environment with caring friends.
    - you are in the right mind at the time. Yes, if you are depressed or if there is ANYTHING at all that is bothering you. It could end up ugly.
    - you only take 1 since its your first time.

    I also have had some of the BEST times in my life on LSD and have laughed my ass of for hours at nothing. It was GREAT fun.
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    to be honest i would wait till you've finished college and got your results. I wish that i had waited longer. I love it when i'm on pills but am about to start 6th form on monday which is gonna be 2 yrs of weekends packed with assignments. my friends that i drop with have all decided to lay off them then just enjoy half terms and holidays which is a good idea but i'm guessin it won't last long! anyway be happy and stay safe! i'd say not to start at all but wait till after college if u really wanna XOXO
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    I am only 15 too, going through drugs education i thought things like Ecstacy and Speed would be boring, because i hate being active and stimulated so the only drugs i ever wanted to try was LSD and Cannabis.

    Anyway, i ended up popping pills and snorting Speed before trying LSD and i liked both of them. We then got hold of some some liquid acid on sugar cubes and now i would recommend it to anyone. Just make sure you are with some friends you trust when you do it for the first time. Don't take it too much because i have heard of people seriously fucking thier heads up by taking too much of it.

    You don't need to wait until your in college, just moderate your intake of drugs and you will be a happy person.
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    Ecstasy will always be my drug of choice. Cokes nice once in a while and the odd trip is quality but both arn't really things I like to cane. I used to be into hash in a big way but now it makes me tired and lethargic and I end up sitting round felling monged out for. The odd bit of skunk on a comedown or after a pub is standard but thats about it.

    I thrive on pills so much coz of the warm feeling it gives you and how comfortable it makes you feel with your mates and people you don't know. I go clubbing a lot and E without a doubt is the best dance drug. Coz E makes you luvdup aswell, sex can be 10 times better.

    - Skive
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