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Hi all
ive been seeing a guy now for about 6 weeks his 28 n im 21. The thing is i just dont no were i stand wiv this guy one minute his saying you can do what you want the next his gettin jealous over silly little things but he still says he only wants to see me. This guy never seems to want to come near me and only ever wants a BJ from me we have had sex but it is rare. I brought this up with him and he says he knows his like that and he has been for a while now he says were he used to be a slag when he was younger he feels now he has lost his sex drive and cant really be bothered and when i try and bring it up again he says he doesnt want to talk about it. Im just getting the feeling its me and ask myself is this guy trying to tell me something. His due to start work soon in a bar so ill hardly get to see him i just get the feeling im wasting my time. When i try and talk to him about it he changes the subject and he makes me feel like im constantly moaning.He always asks me to call him but when i do speak to him he never says anything it just seems such a huge effort just to speak to him lately. Just confused from this guy


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    It's only been six weeks so you are still getting to know each other's habits/likes/dislikes.

    In my opinion if he doesn't make you feel good about yourself or about the relationship and if he doesn't want to talk and sort things out in the early stages already then maybe he is not the one for you. It's hard to tell without knowing his side of things but as you are in the relationship too, I would suggest trusting how you feel-ultimately you are the one who must make the decision about whether it's worth hanging around or not.

    Hope it all turns out for the best ;)
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    Some guys just don't know how to come right out and be like "I don't want to see you anymore", or "I only want to see you when it's convenient for me". Which are both things some of them are thinking at some point. Well just go by your gut feeling. Try to not to waste your time one someone who like Mich22 said does't make you feel good about yourself. Don't worry, I am learning to do the same thing. Good luck!
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    I found a slightly similar thing with my bloke. He's a reformed manwhore...oh I'm so mean...well he was a charmer with the ladies, he wanted closeness but seemed off all the time, saying he wasn't after a relationship with me...just the...things that make up a relationship - one minute it's "I don't want you" but if someone else showed an interest or if I was out and I got close or chatty with another bloke, he would be all like "I thought you liked me?" Sort of like saying I don't want you...but I don't think anyone else should have you...till I'm totally and completely sure that I don't want you...and then...maybe you should just carry on being exclusively...my thing...

    Maybe he's unsure of what he wants to have with you. Maybe he's more secure having a something, than a fullon thing or a nothing. By the sounds of it, you could deal with distancing from him. If seeing him is gonna become a problem so early on, and he's not communicating very openly with you, then maybe ease off a bit...if he's really interested, maybe he'll do the footwork...

    Malt xxx :)
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