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i have got a throat infection and i keep coughing so much that it makes me sick, especially in the mornings... but why in the mornings more than any other time?

and also i dont know if it is a reaction the antibiotics, it doesnt say sickness as a side effect.


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    Morning cough is a recognised symptom of many, many respiratory conditions. You say you have a chest infection so it's unlikely to be anything more serious that's causing your morning cough, and the symptoms should go within a week (usually) of starting the antibiotics, provided you finish the course.

    Why does it only affect you in the morning? Who knows, but as long as it improves throughout the day then there should be nothing to worry about. Although if you cough hard enough to make yourself sick, then you should be wary. (Nausea may be a side-effect of the anti-biotics.)

    There are other factors that my aggravate a chest infection or cough:
    Do you smoke?
    Do you work in a dusty/fumey environment?
    Do you suffer from asthma?
    Do you have a pre-existing respiratory disease (e.g. COPD)?
    etc etc.

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