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Was that my period or what?!

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Well.. I had some light bleeding this morning, I'm on my 7 day break. I'm only a day into it though so I don't know what that was. I have really light periods anyway but just have irregular periods. Also, Ive had a fair bit of breakthrough bleeding over the month.. So do you think my body's adjustment phase, it's just decided not to bleed this month or what? I'm worried! I will talk to my doctor about it as I think that with the amount of bleeding (not the actual amount of blood but with the number of days it happened with) and now this, maybe i need to change the levels of oestrogen or whatever.

Anyway.. should I expect more of a period? When do most of you bleed on your break? Like, straightaway or a couple of days into it?

Thankyou muchly in advance <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; Freya xxx


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    Freya, it's quite likely that this isn't all the period you'll get this month. I usually get my period about 3 days into the break. Last break actually (I caught sight of a topic further down talking about tri-cycling, taking 3 packs in a row... I do that too <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; ) I only had a 2 day period! Which was nice.

    Generally, it takes a couple of days after you finish taking your last pill for you to come on, and then it tails off towards the end but sometimes doesn't stop until you've taken a couple from the next pack.

    I wouldn't worry about seeing a doctor just yet, as it's your first month taking the pill, it's quite likely your body will just be settling in to the new 'routine'.

    Good luck anyway, hope this has helped to put your mind at rest a little bit <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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