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It's not a weakness . . .

Well, I guess that the title sums up more or less my whole point for this . . .

After reading a topic that I was directed to, I realised just how badly people misunderstand Depression and Anxiety.

Unless you've experienced one of them you can't understand how bad it can get, and while I understand that some people may find it a little painful to do this, I was hoping that some of you might be able to help those who don't get the problems understand by telling them a little of how it feels.

I'll start:

I was never really very badly depressed that I knew of. I was always not quite miss society, so noone noticed when I stopped hanging around with people and spending more time by myself.

I'd just fallen out with my best friend at the time and I didn't think that my life could get any worse. I was crying myself to sleep at night, thinking of the best ways to end it all.

I decided that the best way would be to take some pain killers and drink lots of alcohol, then cut my wrists and lie in a warm bath. I'd pass out from blood loss before I felt any pain, but I didn't even realise there was anything wrong till I was sitting on the side of the bath with a rasor in my hand and blood running down my wrist.

It was that that made me realise there was something wrong. I told my friend. I was so scared at it all. She made me promise to go to the doctor's, but I broke the promise and dealt with it on my own.

I have a tiny scar on my wrist still from that cut, even though I've always told people it was an accident. the thing is though, my scar raminds me how bad things can get and I know that while thats there I wont get in the same place again.

Anyway . . . I'm wavering from my point. What I'm trying to say, is that, contrary to the opinion that some people hold, that depression is a mental weakness, its not.

People can be driven to things that they would never do, but that doesn't make it a weakness.

It is unbelievably hard to pull yourself back up from a bout of depression, but you come out of it stronger than many people that have never had a problem of that sort.

Never regard anything like that as a weakness. It isn't. It's an illness that can't really be controlled easily, and you should never judge people on it, any more than you would if they had the chicken pox.

So . . . can anyone else help me enlighten the cretins that think it makes us weak and make them understand?

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    Where to start?? When i read this topic, i knew i had to write something. I've never been properly been diagnosed as having depression, apart from a school nurse, and one of my guidance teachers. And its horrible. I've posted a few things on here before, so most people will know my story. But i just wanted to say that depression is a horrible thing to go through, and no one can say it is a weakness. The best thing someone can do is try to support the person, and not go around saying that it is a weakness.
    I too often cry myself to sleep, cut my wrists, am bulimic, and once took an overdose of pills. I also realised what i was doing am made myself sick before the pills took effect, but that didn't stop one my friends who knew telling her mum, who then ended up phoning my mum and dad that night, which resulted in me being taking up to hospital at 1:00 in the morning. And that was horrible. The nurses there weren't very nice, and told me how stupid i was being. Saying that i didn't want to get myself into that kind of ststae, as they'd see many young girls in my position....and so on.
    But, i haven't improved. And the worst thing is, no one supports me, and everyone just thinks i'm very sensitive, and that i get upset at stupid things. I wish everyone could understand it, coz their reactions often makes things worse.
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