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My grandad has pee problems!!!!

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Hiya <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/tongue.gif"&gt;
Ive just found out about my grandad, hes being having problems when he pees! I know its gross to talk about, but...still! Hes been having problems for months, the hospital put i bag inside him, and a tube up his....bit! To help him pee, but this all failed, Now its gotn really serious and im wondering, is this dangerous for him?? Does anyone know anyone with the same sort of problems!
Love Miss_Kxxxxxx


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    This is far from my area of expertise but I`ll give it a shot.
    I think the bag you're referring to might be a colostomy bag or something similar.
    What's the problem? Is it that he can't pee, it hurts, or he has no bladder control.
    If its that he can't then it could get serious as urine and bodily waste could back up.
    If its the other two then its more likely to effect his lifestyle than his health.
    But as I said, this isn`t my area of expertise so you should ask your parents as the doctors have probably told them what`ll happen and what needs to be done.
    Hope that was helpful <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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    from what u've said it's kind of hard to know what he's got, but if it's a problem with the prostrate glad then yes it can be dangerous. If he can't pee then he's keeping all the toxins inside that would normally be excreted and this can be dangerous if there's a build up.

    There is a herbal thing called saw palmetto you can get a health shops, but i don't know whether it would help because i'm not really sure what is wrong.

    Best wishes to him xx

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