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Period pains?!

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My periods have been really sore recently, its like a real sore pain that lasts for dayz!I'm not allowed to go on the pill cause something that happened in the family! I'm gonna go to the doctors,but nxt week is the nxt appointment! So do u guyz no any good was to kill the pain!!
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    hot water bottles againt your stomach, curl up with that, and a mug of hot choc and/or other chocolate, and watch friends! and go and buy yourself something, clothes or make up, it'll make you feel better honest!

    okay and try ibuprofen, you can get it in nurofen, its an anti imflammatory and i usually find it helps me quite a lot. just take as many as it says you're safely allowed to take. and make sure you eat something first or at the same time, ive found they make me feel sick, which on top of period pain aint good!!

    but ive heard on here that somethign you should ask your doc for is mefanamic acid (sp??) not sure what it is or how it works though! someone else will tell you, i hope!

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    drugs r bad.........
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    For years i had v bad periods, fainting, sickness, excrutiating stomach pains.
    My doctor prescibed me mefenamic acid (ponstan) very strong pain killers, which work eventually! also he gave me paramax a high dosage of paracetamol. You just have to be careful with painkillers, overdoses and such.
    I'm now on the pill and i find that helps, but the other tablets were just as good.
    Also you could try evening primrose oil, hot water bottles and relaxation exercises. anything to take your mind of it helps as well. Stomach massages are my fav!
    and definately lots of chocolate!!!!
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