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hacked off

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friends gettin me down, i know it happens to us all, this is gonna be a huge big fat long moan!

Friend 1 - to be called 'louise' (not real names gonna be used). Louise and I have been friends for about 13 years now(we're 19) and due to goin to different primary schools we have drifted in and out of each others lives, until, in 2003 i had my baby and she became his godmother, for about a year she came round to my house regularly and dated(in my living room haha) my fella's mate. They broke up but aren't awkward together, then in June/July she (with encouragement from me) got with a man 'phil'. She has since moved in with him and they are trying for a baby(possibly already pregnant!), she has gone from sitting in my house 3 or 4 nights a week for 3 hours at atime to seeing her once every six weeks if i arrange it. Classic scenario, girl meets boy, girl phases out friends. I understand she is busier now(she works part time, is doing there house up, visits her mum, babysits niece, babysits bro's dog)but seems like she is forgetting about me, i ahve other friends but that doesnt matter, i made her my sons godmother coz i felt so close to her and now she is hardly interested.

ANyway its not this friend thats bugging me tonight, its these two: 'laura and stacey'

Laura I have know since i was about 8, we went to the same secondary school but were in different crowds, our families used to be friends and although friendly with each other, not as close as before. I recently saw laura on a night out and we swapped numbers, we have become good friends again and as soon as i started getting 'in' with laura, stacey didnt seem to like it. Stacey i have known about a year, she also has a son my sons age so we met at antenatal classes. At first we were playgroup friends, then we started going on nights out and decided we were sole mates, however she is changing and seems to tell unnecessary lies that if they were true, i wudnt like anyway. Anywayz me n stacey decided to start college again together and after i joined i persuaded laura to join. At first they didnt like each other(altho got on well lol) and stacey said she didnt trust laura. When it became apparent me n laura were gonna stay friends, stacey made sure she was involved(although i like them both, i hate 3 way friendships because of all the crap ive had in the past and seem to be getting again now) now stacey forces the friendship with laura more than laura does but i think they are good friends, but stacey wants to be everyones best friend anyway. In theory we are 3 best friends, they just havent know each other long. The problem is, Laura has found out she is pregnant. Now laura is pregnant, she doesnt want to go out anymore(or at least cut it down) and because of something that happened last week(irrelevant to friendship) the shine of going out on the p%$$ has worn right off for me, i also had stopped losing weight coz of the booze(after doing well on weight watchers) and never had any spare money coz i was goin out every weekend, so me and laura made a pact that we wouldnt let stacey persuade us and if either of us did go out it would be 'dodgy' on the other.

We told stacey about this and so i cancelled my plans to go out with stacey tonight(saturday). She never tried to get me to go out until today, i had a fone call off laura warning me we 'needed to be strong' and not long after that i got a call off stacey, i said no, i was skint(she offered to pay for me) and tylers dad was working so i have to be in anyway. Had i of planned to go out he would have swapped his shift.earlier on i spoke to leanne and she was in a pub with her bro n his girlf and she was goin home at siz and said she'd phone me when she got in, she hasnt phoned me yet and at about 7:15 i was speaking to stacey and she said "im just sat in *pub* with sarah and laura and laura went with her bro and his girlf for a drink"...this made me suspicious, why the mention of laura and then the double-take!? She then said "i've got noone to go out with now" earlier when i spoke to laura she said that sarah was going to her house, which also makes me suspicious if sarah is sat with stacey.

I tried lauras mobile, and then her house phone. No answer to either. Looks like she's gettin pi$$ed, not good for her baby and 'dodgy' on me. HAd i not made the pact i prob would have been out with stacey tonite since she was offering to pay AND i had the weight watchers points saved for a takeaway anyway so they wouldve covered the booze(plus partner would have easily swapped shifts)

So now i feel like im left standing like a right prat, left out, and yeah i feel sorry for myself, and yes its their lives, but i don't think this is fair. (this has taken me about 3 quarters of an hour to write haha! re-tried laura's house phone, her bro answered so she aint with him, and he didnt know when she'd be back...)


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    laura's phone diverted me immediately and staceys rang once then diverted, if i wasnt alone with baby i'd go fooking find them, i'm fuming
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    oh and also to add, laura was supposed to be coming to my house tonight for takeaway but couldnt because she couldnt get any money(for takeaway? for transport?) so sarah was going to hers. SO if she is out with stacey she has also fooked me off and cancelled our plans to do summat else, although it wouldnt be pre-meditated, stacey would have persuaded her to go for one drink and once laura's had a drink she doesnt stop(yes im ashamed to say the pregnant one)
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    sounds like your mates are in trouble tommorow!
    Hope you sort it out with them.
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