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Its never wrong to cry...

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I have read lady_liberty's post, and it helped remind me just how fragile life is. It's never wrong to ask for help, to admit you can't cope on your own.

I have been in Lady_liberty's position, at the time I just felt completely lost. This whole episode reminds me of a progmam in which one charector turns to enother and says

"somewhere out there, someone is saying the 3 most beautiful words in the world." Of course I expected "I love you", instead it was

"please, help me". There are somethings that no-one is strong enough to cope with on their own and there's nothing wrong in asking for help, or having a good cry with them.

So please, let it out. People will help you, and no one will think any less of you for saying you need support. Everyone needs an emotional crutch at times, use whatever you can find. I'll go now, but for the sake of yourself and those who love you, don't bottle it up. Take care of yourselves, life is so precious.


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    To fill my very boring days, not working due to disabililty etc etc, I have started to write hopefully a novel.

    The piece I was describing and writing about yesterday was about a young man in deep trouble, who was told he was loved by his father.

    As I wrote this, I looked up at the picture of my own dad on the wall. He died in my arms from a heart attack in 1992. For the first time in ages, i thought about how much I miss his influence and words of wisdom. How he has never seen his grand-daughters grow up. I cried, and I cried. Even posting this I am welling up.

    So I echo Caliphs sentiments, and the poignant postings of liberty, lolly and helly.

    take care derby
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Sorry to here about your dad, guess its something that most of us will have to live through. How's your book coming along? When the royalties have made you a millionare you can send me a copy of it!
    See you,
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    crying normally sorts things out 4 me, well in my head anyway. u should never b ashamed to cry, its good to release ur fears, worries etc. i cry most times i visit this site as ur all so lovely and understanding, and say such sweet things.
    better go b 4 i start!
    c ya love helen
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey, I just wanted to say something.

    A few months before christmas, I started feeling really depressed. I do now. I've felt really suicidle at times, but I've never told anyone. Only just today, I was in school, and I just started to feel lower and lower. I really felt like coming home and killing myself. But I don't think I could ever do it. I know that I'd totally mess my parents up because I know they love me so much. But sometimes I really just feel like ending it all. But I know I can't.

    You say not to bottle it up and just ask for help. But, I lack so much confidence in myself, and know that even even if my parents just knew about the way I feel, it would really hurt them. I think that one of the reasons I can't tell my parents is because a few years ago my Dad's brother killed himself, and then his brother's wife killed herself too. It didn't really affect me, because I had only really ever seen them about twice in my whole life. But it really devestated my Dad and I couldn't do that to him again by telling my parents about how I feel.

    I usually find that sometimes when I cry, it feels good to let it all out, but I find that I can't cry. I can feel lowest I've ever been but not cry, and sometimes I just need to cry, but it never can. Does anyone know why that might be?

    I don't really know why I posted, but I thought I needed to contibute something because of the way I feel now.

    "And I'm not a slave to a God, that doesn't exsist.
    And I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit."
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi Beetle Wings, Can I say I am sorry you are feeling as you do.

    Though I also feel it is very adult of you to consider the feelings of others when you have felt how you do.

    You mention about your uncle suicide affected your dad. I hate to say this but suicide is the most selfish possible thing i think anyone can do. For so many other people's lives are touched by your own. Be this family or friends.

    When you are in the depth's of depression remember things will not stay the same. In some cases they could get worse, in most they invariably get better. You need to give yourself time to allow things to improve, and try to make steps to enable that positive change to happen.

    As for not being able to cry. Some times that happens when you are down. You lose the ability to express 'normal' emotional responses. So don't worry about that. Sometimes it happens when you feel that drained and emotionally empty.

    It is temporary, and will change.

    Can i ask you to think about what it is that is making you feel depressed. Sometimes there is a reason, often there isn't.

    Talking about depressive feelings with your GP may be advisable if you cannot pinpoint what is causing them. It may be hormonal, and relatively easy to treat. Of course it may be something that is unable to improve quickly.

    Remember school can be such a stressful place. Bullying, keeping up with school work, parental pressure and high expectations, arsehole teachers etc, etc,

    I hope you find some peace quickly in your life. Try to appreciate you have the whole of your life infront of you. You can do and be whatever you choose. Please consider this at anytime in the future you are feeling close to the edge.

    Imagine the face of your not yet born children, the day you will get married, the day you see your child in her first school play, etc, etc.

    The reasons for living are infinately greater than reasons to die. They are temporary, life should be forever.

    Please take care of yourself
    love derby

  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hi there beetle. I agree with Derby that suicide is selfish and pointless. There are times in everyone's life when they just feel like ending it.

    If you feel you can't discuss it with your parents try the Samaritans. What could be causing your depression? Committing suicide is something so utterly pointless and selfish that nothing excuses it. Just hang on in there, and you'll find people who will suppoert you every step of the way.
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