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i been whoring myself ands need some hints

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okay beofre i went bk to uni andeven sitll now, i been whoring myself to a lot of girls and exchanging numbers, i havent done anything in particular, just flirt, be friendly, bit of dirty dancing at most etc

and with a couple ive exchanged numbers, first of all some of them know eachother very distantly, , and very distantly, but how do i decide who togo for when i like some the same, but for different reasons

2nd, once i got past that, what do i text them? what could i say? any suggestions?

do i just be friendly and try to ask em out from there, or do i go straight for it?

btw these are mainly mates of my mates, who i go pub with when at home so bear that in mind

btw i wouldnt cheat so dont think too badly of me ;)
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