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Ok so this topic has been up before but anyway, with spots is the hype over clearasil, oxypads or whatever up 2 much or is it true that mild soap and water is the way to go? If so biactol isnt exactly mild is it, so what kinda stuff is? I went to the docs coz I wanted to get sorted as it was affecting my confidence and got minocycline tablets and this Dalacin T lotion but now Im hearing that Benzoyl Peroxide is the best thing to use so is it best to stick with what the doc said or use this? Anyone who knows there stuff and could give advice would be appreicated.......


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    hey there
    listen, i suffered from acne for ages and it really affected me and i was basically ruining my life. ive been prescribed every acne treatment possible and nothing seemed to work until now. dont bother with stuff like CLEARASIL and OXY becos frankly, THEY JUST DONT WORK. what u need 2 do is use something like neutrogena acne soap (can be used all over body, good for places like yer back...i used to get bad acne there) and then ask ur doctor for PANOXYL ACNEGEL. its only available on prescription cos its really strong stuff(this stuff works wonders-trust me). Or if ur skin is bad ull doc will refer u to the hospital where u'll c a dermatologist and he/she will get things sorted 4 u definately. Oral stuff is good if u keep 2 it, remember to take it (TRY ERITHROMICIN)
    now, i have the most beautiful clear skin and it looks so radiate and lovely !
    hope this helps u out,

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    Hey there,

    Personnally I feel good old soap and water does the trick as these brilliant acne stoppers are a waste of money and going to the doctors seemed to make it worse as the pills brought out more spots. The main thing I feel to help is what you eat or drink, drink LOADS of water(recommended 8 pints a day) as this keeps your insides clean and when you sweat it wont be as bad as if you drink sweet drinks or whatever. Also take loads of vitamin C this really helps your skin, you get vitamin C in orange juice or most other fruits. Hope this helps ya <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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    eat carrots
    Drink water
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    Thanx for all the replies.....Im gonna go to the doctor to ask about the things SarahBabe said about, hopefully that will help and I heard the thing about water before so I make sure I drink that- maybe the vitamin C side of things isnt too good. How long on average does it take to get your face clear if your on the right stuff?
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    drc, it should take about 1 and half - 2 months for your spots to gradually go away.How bad is your acne? however it could take longer. never ever squeeze yer spots either, it really does leave scars.
    if u want anything 2 work uve got 2 stick 2 it and if you're a girl, always always always remember 2 take make up off before going 2 bed - the worse thing u can do 2 ur skin is leave make up caked on it.
    i cant tell u enuff times, drink loads and loads of water its so good 4 ur skin.
    drc r u girl or guy?
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    Hey, first off Im a guy and Id say my acne is just moderate really, not really bad. I know about leaving scars and that- Im not sure if I have any now or whether its just the spots going/beginning. I have stuck to most things for a long time and never got anything out of it. I have a docs appointment which Im gonna ask him whether theres anything else coz the minocycline hasnt done much and Ive been on it for months and Im trying to drink more water- I guess its just one of them phases in life but its so annoying seeing all these people with perfectly clear skin <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; I know looks arnt the most important thing and whatever but it does affect your confidence when you're worrying about things like spots and whatever, oh well I guess things will improve in time.

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