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id probly get kicked off here for swearing as much as i want to right now, so im not even going to start(please feel free to use ur imaginations).
anyways, my mum is stopping me going with joe. and omigod i hate her so much for it. i know that she thinks shes doing the right thing but she isnt. she just isnt.
she said im not going anywhere till i get better. how the fuck am i supposed to get better here?
a couple of u know about my doll smashing incident. <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; but <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif">. she doesnt see it. shes just getting mad at me.
god i love joe, i know i do, and i just want to be with him and away from all this. everything is falling apart here. and its all a mess. and yet i have to stay. when i could b happy and starting again.
ive tried everything i can think of with her, and she doesnt believe me. and every time i tell her how i feel she thinks im threatening her.
she told my nan(who is also a psychofreak, ok thats mean, shes been mentally away since my uncle died in August '99-extremely long story) and my nan said "if you let her go to america with that man, i'll take an overdose and kill myself".
i dont know what to do. im stuck, and i feel like nobody believes what im saying. members of my family say stuff like "we'd try to understand if you did it for attention kayleigh, but you need to tell us now".
well i tell you what people, look at all the scars. but no, you dont know about those. coz you cant see that its still happening. you cant see whats going on right in front of you.

somebody get me out of here.


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I feel for you Ickle.

    When I was 16 my parents stopped me from going out with my first love. I know a little of the frustration you are going through.

    The emotional blackmail of the type your Nan is inflicting is the worst kind. How difficult do you find it to talk to her? because she needs to understand the torment you are going through. If you can't talk to her, then write it down. Try to write to each person that doesn't understand.

    Is there any chance of joe coming over to explain his intentions to your mum & your Nan? To help you get through this?

    There's nothing any of us here can do except be here for you, listen went you need to rant, chat when you need to chat & comfort you when you need to cry.

    Bear with it Ickle, no day will be as bad as today.


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    he's going to try and get to London in February for me. bcoz i need them to understand this sooo badly.
    i just stopped talking to him on the phone. whenever im with him, everything is complete and right. and its beyond me how something that good and true is so difficult.

    somebody get me out of here.
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    awwww ickle

    i don't really know whats goin on coz i aint bin here dat long, but from da sounds of it, ur really upset and i just wanted 2 say dat things can't really get any worse, so they gotta get beta rite? if he's comes 2 c u, then maybe they wil be able 2 understand.

    The more sand that escapes through the hourglass of time, the clearer we should be able to see through it.
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    Girl-From-MarsGirl-From-Mars Posts: 2,822 Boards Guru
    how old are you ickle? 16? i guessed from what j9 was saying, but i could be wrong. if thats the case, your parents are still your legal guardians, arent they? and so legally you cant really leave home without their consent. and i can imagine your parents are apprehensive about you moving to america, as its so far away, and they love you and want to protect you. i imagine this desire is as strong no matter how old their child (? wrong word, cant think of another) is, although they may be more accustomed to the possibility of you leaving if you were older as they woudl expect it.

    what your nan's doing is horrible... i agree with j9s suggestion of writing down how you feel and giving her a letter instead, ive done this before when i was younger, about 14? with my dad, to explain how i felt about him abusing my privacy and reading my emails and private thigns on the computer, and my diary. because i knew i would get wound up and hed end up shouting at me for "answering back".. but hey, it backfired, he took offence to the way i wrote it down... but thats my dad, and hes unreasonable. hopefully your nan will back down on her suicide agreement when she knows how you feel or if someoen can talk her out of feeling this way.

    If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.
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