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U think thats pathetic ???

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Hi people. Right as sum of u know I met this girl Chelsea on the net and I was wondering whether to text her or wot ?? Then she said she would go out with me (sorta). Well it turns out it was her FREIND who phoned me, and said down the phone "Chelsea says yes". So I'm as high as a kite. I texted her this morning, but this evening i was playing with my phone, not paying much attention, and i accidenatly phoned her and hung up !!! Whoops

So I'm really like "oh my GOD" wot do I do next ?? She texts me and says why phone and hang up, and this is the thing, she says phone back and ill give u an answer. So after a LOT of nervous tension, we talked about this and that (she said why are u wasting ure money on me, and i said coz ure worth it !!!, cant BELEIVE I said that) anyway she was ummmming a lot on the phone (maybe nervous/tense ??). And we arranged to meet on the net this weekend. But I still didnt get an answer !!!!

I'm worried she might say "lets stay mates" which is better than nothing i guess !! Wot do u lot think ??
Sorry I warbled on a bit


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