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do i like him enough?

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my bf is lovely. hes really sweet and nice. but whenever i have a bf i ALWAYS focus on all their bad points. it really annoys me, and this was the reason why i dumped my last bf. anyway back to the point. i like lots of other guys more than my bf which is bad i know and this is because of me dissecting his whole personality. and i dont think that i like my bf enough to sustain our relationship for much longer. but then i know when ive broken up with him ill start wanting him back! ARRGGHH!
can anybody help me out?
ich bin sehr confused <IMG SRC="confused.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
luv sponge xxx


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    Hi, well i used to b in a situation a bit like u, where i didn't think i liked himas much as he did me and i didn't really wana be in the relationship. i think the best thing really is to stop it now because if u keep it goin like this he will eventually work out something isn't quite right. And then he will end up even more hurt and u can't really be that happy like this can u!! <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
    I hope u sort it out! x x
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    Hey there Sponge...

    So after you break up with these guys do you usually regret it and realize that the reason was petty? Or do you find that you're moving on to better and better relationships?

    There's a huge difference between having high standards and being scared of relationships to the point that you have to find something wrong with them. If you find that you're moving on to better things, or the flaw you find in the guy is such that you can't stay with him, then break up with him. But you have to realize that everyone has flaws- and these guys that you like more than your boyfriend will have something wrong with them too. Everyone will- Mr. Perfect doesn't exist.

    So back to this guy that you're seeing- think about what your problems with him actually are. Is it something stupid that he can fix (if so, ask him to change it!) or is it something to do with his personality? If it's who he is as a person you have to decide if you can deal with it or whether to break up with him. Either way, I would suggest talking to him- find out what problems are in the relationship and see what you guys can do to fix it before you break up with him.

    Keep smiling! -Sarah
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