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boyfriends and arguments

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hi. im a 17 yr old girl.

ive been in my relationship for about 8 months and it is very serious.i love him but the problem is we keep havin really upsetting arguments. he fights wiv me and most of the time he causes them and blames them all on me. i cry aswell and he tells me to stop wiv the waterworks cus he thinks i do it to make him feel bad wen the truth is i cry because at times he really upsets me.

afterwards he says it was his fault and gets really upset and worries im going to dump him....i dont want to dump him but i cant carry on wiv the arguments. i keep sayin to him that if he does it again i want out but then i cant dump him cus i love him.

i just want the arguments to stop. i really dont need them at the moment especially after i found out my dad has been diagnosed wiv brain cancer and i am trying to sort out university and things. its all so difficult. he doesnt seem to understand that.

wot shall i do?how can i get the arguments to stop?

luv warped!

Since i was born i started to decay. Nuthin ever ever goes my way.


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    What are you arguing about? Anythign particular you should just have a bit chat bout it, turn it into a yelling session get it all out etc. then kiss and make up. But if it's about everything and anything then perhaps it maybe something to do with the uni thing, but just not striaghtly based on it.
    If it is you could consider your position in the relationship!!
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    8 months is a long time!? do you think a break is worth a chance, it puts things into perspective. i have a friend who's been with her boyf for nearly 2 and a half years and this summer she really couldnt understand why she was with him coz she didnt feel any love for him, they went on a break, couldnt cope without each other and were back together after 5 days!!!!!!! It might not be the same for you but perhaps you just need time tothink and perhaps he does too. hope you're ok. xxx.
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    Tinkabee - 8 months is not a long time!
    What you need is space within the relationship! Get yourself out without the boyfriend .. do some of your own thing
    you'll be a more interesting person as a result!
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