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wheres love and how do i get it?

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hiya! me and my wo's again! lol,

im just bored of being single, bored of being the one whos left alone, bored of goin home on my own and i just really want someone to love and to belong to. ok that just sounds shit, but whatever.....

thing is imm gay and i obviously i cant go out with a girl, but its so fucking hard, i just want to go out with someone,

help anyone?


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    Well I am not gay so I can't really know what it feels like to be single and wanting to go out with a guy. However, I am sure that you could find places to hang out with people who share the same feelings and maybe work friendships from there, and eventually a relationship. I am sure there are toll-free gaylines that you can call and they will certainly be able to give you advice about this and help you feel better about your situation.

    Do you feel bad with your homosexuality or is it strictly a matter of wanting to have a relationship with someone?

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    Would you be able to give a few more details?

    I'd like to help but I don't know or age or your global location, are you USA or UK and roughly what area?

    Being gay is difficult full stop. especially when your young, its hard when people don't accept you or you have difficulty in meeting others cause of your sexuality, remember there are loads of gay people about, just many don't wish to broadcast it so openly.

    Try going to gay bars and clubs, thats always a good start, it doesn't always matter if your below 18, these places are very tolerant towards youngsters as they know how difficult it can be, just say your 18 (if your not) and give them a shot, I have a lot of gay friends who are underage and go quite frequently, some of them really don't look anywhere near.

    But thats the UK and if your US then it'll be different, I can't help so much then...

    If your at college then many do gay/lesbian/bisexual meet-ups where you can meet other people like yourself, I'm sure if you ask at a local college then you can attend regardless if you actually go to that college, same applies with Universities.

    Other than that there are phone numbers, not talking about personal ones like 'gay chat' or anything, theres a gay/lesbian switchboard but I can't remember the number with people to speak to there... I'm sure its knocking about on this site.

    Keep your chin up, its not that bad... <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;
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