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Needing help yet again, sorry

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And yes its about economics again lol.

Anyway I handed in my report and I have now to do one bit again because I got confused. I have to write about which would help unemployment, deregulated market or privatised market.

Below is what I have written, I hope someone can help and correct my confusion.

Privatised market is where industries are owned by the state – they are public coroparations. Privatised market helps maintain employment. Privatisation can enables some social control which can slow down the decline of declining industries which therefore prevents jobs being lost so quickly. This also eases the problems of adjustment particularly the reallocation of the labour force. The government has to have a balance between the social costs of unemployment and the financial costs of maintaining uneconomic industries.

Deregulated is where industries are not under state control or rules from an industry so that market forces have a greater role to play. This would mean that if a company was in trouble they wouldn’t have the Governments help to help slow down the decline of the declining business.

In conclusion it can be seen that Privatised markets would help the unemployment problem as people aren’t made redundant so quickly and also the Government helps declining companies by giving them time to try and reallocate employees. Whereas deregulated markets would mean that if people were made redundant then they wouldn’t really get any help from the company.

Please help someone because if I don't pass this I won't pass my HNC and won't be able to do my HND. :(
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Someone please help because my report is due tomorrow and I am REALLY stuck :(
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