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I am about to take my final exams of my degree and the following things are stressing me out:

Housemates - I live with two who get on well with each other but I don't really get on that well with them together, fne indiually but they change when they are together. Also I feel left out and don't feel like going and interrupting them. This makes it worse and I feel more isolated. I'm conscious of how I act around them as they are quite judgemental...not like my friends at home. Their habits are annoying me too such as making loads of noise for no reason whilst Im revising.

Exams - i need a 2:1 to get a good graduate job and they are worrying me...alot.

Sleep - not getting very much which is making me very tired during the day, have tried everything from warm drinks before bed, exercise, reading in bed.

I'm basically counting down the days till it's over and don't enjoy it at all!

Please suggest anything.

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    Well for a start hun I think your in the wrong section. I think this would probably be under another section... but never mind.

    Housemates - Living with people constantly is head doing. You'll probably feel much better if you take time out from them for a couple of days. For example go and study in the library maybe or something or at someone else's house? There is nothing I can do to suggest making them less judgemental etc, apart from maybe choose some new friends as it sounds like you don't like them very much.

    Exams - Try as hard as you can and revise to your best ablity. If you strsss yourself out too much it'll have the reverse effect and you will burn out and end up doing badly. Try and get an even balance between relaxing and time out and revising, and take regular breaks. Because if you don't all your revision is a waste, because basically if you are stressed/lacking concentration/tired/ bored etc, nothing will get absorbed.

    Sleep - Try and get a pattern. I.e getting up and going to bed at the same time. Is your room comfortable etc? Also try reading a relaxing book that will promote nice thoughts etc. If I can't sleep I always find that thinking about 'nice' things makes me happy and sleepy. If you still can't sleep you could try a natural herbal remedy - as them to advise one that doesn't make you feel drowsy etc. Boots and stuff have loads of stuff that isn't sleeping tablets but work.

    Hope I've helped a little :)
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    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Read our coping with stress factsheet
    3. Feel much better :)

    Oh and the housemate thing will probably seem less of a mare once you feel less stressed, but taking some time out and seeing some other mates will help on both counts.

    Take care

    Susie :)
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    try wearing earplugs and sprinkle lavender oil on your pillow to get to sleep at night. I was having real difficulty sleeping really, and I found this to really really help. You can get earplugs from the supermarket.
    It sounds like your flatmates are being cliquey and annoying. Thats bound to add to your stress levels, Just remember youre there for a reason, and its just a base. Have you had a word with them about the excess noise when youre studying?
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    Argh! Finals are hell on earth, so first off I totally know where you're coming from, cause I just finsihed mine last week. Everyone has given excellent advice, and here's my 2p worth.

    Housemates: If they are annoying you as much as you say they are, try and stay in the library studying till late. Chances are they won't be awake when you get in then as well as giving you a better environment to study in. It might not be a bad idea to try and talk to them as well, say how you are stressed out and how you would appreciate it if they kept the noise levels to a minimum. Also bring up the topic of how you feel they judge you, and how it seems like 2 against 1. It might seem difficult initially, but it might be worth a shot.

    Revising: Revising is tough, but you've come this far in uni so you will be able to graduate. Study every day for at least 4-5 hours a day, break the sections up in to smaller chunks and have a timetable and a checklist to make sure you're going over the correct material. Use highlighters to mark important passages and try and condense everything as much as you can so it's easier to read over closer to the big day. Try and sleep and eat well, these will help you concentrate. Listen to some classical music as well (worked for me) either during the revision, or if you get distracted then listen to it just before your exam. Always gets me revved up listening to 1812 overture...

    I know it's stressful at the moment, but it will end and the exams will be a memory, I know it's no consolation saying this when you are slap bang in the middle of it, but it will be over. Hope this helps :)
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    Thanks for the advice everyone, really appreciate it as it's not always easy to talk to friends and family about these things.

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